Whirlwind Georgia trip

December 3, 2017


Thanksgiving in Georgia wouldn’t be complete without a post-dinner ride on my brother’s 1940’s  fire engine. Here Bob and I are with our friends Rachel and Douglas. Wheee! To read more about the Firehouse, click HERE.

(I had to take down the video because it was choking some of your computers.

Sorry for that, because he looked like James Bond!).

And here’s Bob making an entrance on the new firepole installed just a few months ago. Robert doesn’t usually let visitors slide downstairs because people tend to break their ankles on these things, unless they are trained firefighters. For the record, I did NOT slide down the firepole because I’m accident prone, and also the hole upstairs was huge, and I’d have to jump to grab the thing, and when you are 12 feet up in the air, that’s a scary jump.


After Thanksgiving, I visited Fox Tale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, GA which has developed into such a beautiful, charming town! This was the most lovely bookstore, with a pretty chandelier and a great selection of books. My friends Stephanie and Cathy came by to support me. We were all in a bookclub together years ago when our children were just babies. I miss these ladies so much!

The next day, I visited The Book Exchange in Marietta for another signing. Here are my friend Mendal’s parents who popped in to see me. Mendal was another book club member who now lives in California, so she sent her parents over to get a book for her. Wasn’t that nice? The Book Exchange, which has a ton of old and new books, was great fun and several other authors were there to visit with, which made it even more like a party! I’m going to be back in Marietta soon for a big book club event, so I hope to pop into these bookstores again!


I know it’s a dark photo, but later that night, Rachel and Douglas hosted a signing party for me at their historic home, The Trammell House (HERE). My dear friend Beth co-hosted, and they pulled out all the stops for a beautiful evening. I loved Rachel’s Christmas tree in the window, and we placed my majorette banner on the front porch to welcome the guests.

We were all so busy running around and talking to everyone, we forgot to take many photos. I hate I didn’t get one with my blogging super-star friend Rhoda from Southern Hospitality. She and her new husband, Dreamy Mark, were so sweet to come and join the fun. Rhoda’s  in the background in this photo, which reminds me, I want to ask her how she keeps her hair so smooth in the humidity. Yes, it’s cooler outside, but still damp with Southern humidity! When will it end?


Rachel just sent this photo of me with Claire, Rhoda and Judy. See what I mean about Rhoda’s hair? Mine just got wilder as the night went on (much like me!) bahahaha! Sleepy is more like it these days.


Another bookclub member, Martha, was also there and it’s always fun to see her!


I did manage to catch a photo with my youngest reader, who insists on hearing a story from my book every night — at least, that’s what I think she said.

I was able to speak for a few minutes to tell the crowd about my book. Although I knew many of those attending the party, many were also new to me and they were all completely welcoming and supportive. I met Judy P. who told me she’s followed my blog from the beginning, back when it was Fairhope Supply Co. I instantly liked her, not because she’s such a loyal reader, but because I could tell she was so genuinely nice. You know how you can tell a good person when you meet them? I have the best readers!


And more good friends! this is Jennifer, Rachel, me and Beth. We’ve been friends for so long and it’s been difficult to get together over the years, but we hope to change that soon! Funny story; Jennifer and I once dressed up as Power Rangers for a Junior League event. We posed with children for photos and didn’t know the Power Rangers were supposed to be boys, so we posed like girls, with hands on hips and feet “just so.” We didn’t have children then, so, what did we know?


Such a dark photo – sorry! But the table was gorgeous. A stunning silver punch bowl filled with delicious champagne punch, and lots of great food made the night so festive.

I loved my time in Georgia and can’t wait to visit again. It’s fun meeting people in bookstores and talk to them about what they like to read, and I loved getting to know the bookstore owners. If you are in the Woodstock or Marietta areas, pop in to these shops and say hello and grab a few books (even if they aren’t mine!). Well . . . get one of those too!

Thank you to Fox Tale Book Shoppe, The Book Exchange, and darling Rachel, Douglas and Beth for hosting me at these events. Love to you all!



  • I just saw this post! Such a fun time at Rachel’s house, loved seeing you. When you get in town again, let me know! By the way, I use a shine spray and my flat iron to combat the frizzies. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!

    • Whatever you do, works because you alway look beautifully put-together! Can’t wait to see you again!

  • Leslie Anne, congratulations on your book tour. What a whirlwind indeed but you look wonderful and so excited and happy. I enjoy seeing all the pics of your family and friends and I think that is the sweetest pic of you and and the young admirer next to the tree. Don’t forget about us up north:) !

    • Oh, thanks Emily! I’m trying hard to get up your way soon. Take care, and enjoy this beautiful happy time of year!

  • Book comments Part IV – Our Delicious Southern Food – As a newlywed we were invited to a friend’s home and she prepared chicken and rice! I luckily got to watch her prepare, because I had never had that dish. My dear darling mother was raised in the North. Wow, simply delicious. There is absolutely a difference between BBQ and a cook out. Who does not know that?? My Mother in law has moved from her Pecan tree house, sadly I miss the bags of full perfectly halved pecans. Now, I actually have to buy them, Mon Dieu! They are little golden gems. And last but not least, FRIED OKRA – The story was fabulous, you dear son and you his dear mother for making his treat! By the by, I inherited one iron pot and skillet, my 12 inch skillet, I purchased, is my new addition to the family. I still have to remind hubby, no SOAP or brillo pads! Don’t touch my cast iron!

    • Protect the cast iron at all costs! Thanks for reading, and I’m so glad you are enjoying the book! Your comments always make me laugh!

  • I am so excited that you are busy. That is good news even though I know it can wear on you. That video of Bob is great. I am sure all the boys love the pole and the house. The Trammel House is beautiful. The table with its punch bowl is stunning. Keep signing!

    • It is certainly a fun time, and knowing life comes at you in waves, I’m enjoying while it lasts. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, right? (is that depressing or gloomy? I’ll go with practical). Thanks Sandy.

  • Leslie Anne, so many signings and parties…you look radiant and excited! Continued success with the book tour!

    • Thank you Pam. “Excited” is an understatement. God knew just the perfect way to show me joy and fun! This is a great experience!

  • Judy Patterson says:

    Leslie Anne, what a pleasure to meet you at last! I’m so glad you think I’m a genuinely nice person. I made sure my husband saw your comment, just as a reminder, you know. Anyway, I bet you bring out the absolute best in people you know and that is truly a gift. Rachel made certain that her guests were fortunate not only to enjoy her Trammel House hospitality, but also gave your adoring public an opportunity to meet a Fairhope celebrity! Best of luck with the “Majorettes”! Now if I could just find my boots…
    Judy P.

    • You made me laugh out loud! I’m sure your husband knows what a cool-girl you are! Thanks again for coming to the party. Can’t wait to see you again someday!

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