What’s With The Chevron?

October 25, 2013


Chevron Pattern, Fairhope Supply Co.
Chevron, chevron, chevron – who decided this is what we are supposed to like?
Have you noticed that the chevron pattern is everywhere? Overnight, chevron is on towels, chairs, dresses and walls. It’s not so bad, but here’s what I want to know. . .  who decides we need an official pattern of the moment?
chevron pumpkin, painted with style, Fairhope Supply Co.
Fairhope Antiquery got aboard the chevron train with this cute pumpkin.
The original chevron man.
Back when we were uninformed clods and just called it, “zig zag.”
vintage fabric patterns, fairhope supply co
Our grandmothers swooned over flour sack patterns.
Always my #1 pattern  – all time favorite.
Navy and white stripes.


fabric collegiate patterns fairhope supply co
Of course, here in Alabama, a certain University has claimed the classic houndstooth as their official school pattern, a tribute to a beloved coach who has been in the “big stadium” for twenty years. It wasn’t until about six or seven years ago, someone decided to bathe the campus in black and white houndstooth which pretty much ruined it for fans of other schools.
You have to admit, it’s pretty cool. 
And it’s such a southern thing to refuse to wear  – or insist on wearing a certain
pattern because of team alliance issues. 
Honest to mercy, I saw a little girl’s dressy dress made of this camouflage pattern.
Tammy Loulou! Run fix the baby another bottle of Co-Cola!


fabric patterns fairhope supply co.
Neon animal print has had it’s 15 minutes of fame.


I promise you that in the height of paisley popularity, I knew a baby girl named Paisley.
Years later, I think she got a brother named Plaid.
He got a square deal.


plaid sofa, fairhope supply co.
Speaking of plaid, the beautiful iconic plaid sofa of all family rooms from 1995.
Now appearing in a basement or fraternity house near you.
I just removed curtains with this pattern that had hung in my bedroom for years. But I still have them stashed away to use like Scarlet O’Hara and whip into a fabulous new creation someday! I’m not convinced toile will ever go out of style.


chevron pattern, fairhope supply co.
Traveling through all the pattern trends, I still feel that chevron just reminds me
of the afghan my Grandmother crocheted for me.
If there were only a tiny pop of chevron here and there, snuggled in amongst the stripes, polka dots and plaid, it would be easier to take. It’s just hard to go into a store and be limited to one pattern. I take great offense that someone in the fabric/paint/furniture control tower decides the best pattern for me. I’d like to be a little different than everyone else.
crazy fabric patterns fairhope supply co.
So go ahead and throw all your animal prints, stripes and toile out the window to make room for your new chevron pattern of the day. As for me, I choose to be a unique, individual and a non-chevron-conformist.
Well,  just one or two things would be okay.
Because this phone case is really cute.
What’s your favorite pattern of all time?


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  1. I really do like toile and I like certain plaids. Also certain florals. I am not crazy about Chevron-sorry- I remember it from the last time around…lol xo Diana

  2. Brother Plaid! A belly laugh over that one! I’ve always been ashamed to admit it, since everyone seems to be nuts about chevron but I don’t care for it at all, except on Charlie Brown.

    Toile, yes. Gingham dog and calico cat will always be sweet to me. Paisley, yes, but oh my goodness that paisley dress I wore when I was 28, embarrassing.

    Almost any good English chintz? Fabulous!

  3. I’m ashamed to admit that I had that exact same sofa in a green plaid. (hangs head). My favorite pattern is no pattern. I like solids and my favorite is white or off white with a texture.

  4. I like scrolly-like patterns…I know there’s probably a more accurate name but have no idea what it might be 😉 I’m also a sucker for a touch of leopard…but just a tad here-n-there.

  5. No chevron for me either. Glad I found your blog. I like keeping up with local folk. I live in Satsuma currently but born and raised in Mobile. My sister and I are coming to Fairhope tomorrow to piddle around and find the 181 Market.

    1. What a fun day you will have! I’ll be out of town, or I would push my way into your fun at the 181 Market! Make sure you get a chili dog from Bette and tell her I said “hi!”
      (Love Satsuma and their City School System!)

  6. You are too funny! “Tammy LouLou?” I had to read that one to the husband. And that sofa made my eyes hurt. We had a chair I pawned off on my son. I don’t know what he did with it. Not sure I want to…

  7. Ha, this is funny! Have you seen the Frog Tape Shape Tape? It comes in chevron, too, so you can paint your walls … pumpkins…or whatever! I love geometrics but if I could only pick one fabric, it would be anything white with texture.

  8. Wall to wall chevron…. Ugh… Too much of a good thing. Well it was a good thing, when it was on your Grandmother’s afghan and Charlie Brown’s shirt. ,-)


  9. I really like toile and I agree it will never go out of style. Right now I am redoing my porch and I must say I am sort of falling in love with pale shabby chic colors – so light and airy. I like chevron but it makes me dizzy so I don’t think you will ever see it in my house. Love paisley, damask, and houndstooth.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  10. You are right….chevron is the paisley of today! I am with you, navy and white stripes are the BEST! I do like a good plaid too.
    Hey, stop by my blog this Wednesday to share this and other posts with us? We’d love to have you!

  11. I love houndstooth (ROLL TIDE) and never tire of it. It is very chic now, too. Or so I’ve been told. Love toile and don’t mind limited use of the latest pattern (s). Throw pillows are always an easy, inexpensive way to use a pattern for a short time.

  12. I do not care for the chevron pattern, no love lost there. I do love toile and it will never go out of style for me. I’ve seen plenty of those plaid sofas in the frat houses too! Speaking of being in Fairhope I’m here today. Tell me what I should not miss. Got time for an ice tea overlooking the bay?

    The French Hutch

  13. I guess I am behind the times as I never knew zig zag was called “Chevron”. I do remember Rick Rack that was used to add chevron stripes to everything.

  14. Not a fan of chevrons at all. I love toile and still like paisley, however, of late I am finding myself drawn to bright, large scale prints. Sadly, they would look ridiculous in my country European (whatever the heck THAT means!) home.

  15. Chevron: the difference between fad and fashion. Or fad and fancy.
    Not in my house.
    It will be something else next year and I’m not changing just for the sake of keeping up with fads.

  16. Love, love, love toile. It never goes out of style. I do like plaids, tasteful ones. And I love a good ol’ paisley ever now and again. Agree, the chevron has gotten totally out of control — along with some of the reproduction mid-century modern prints.
    Good post.

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