What to take to college?

July 1, 2014



Over the next few weeks, I’ll be getting my big guy ready to leave for college. My Mother contributed the manly camouflaged pin cushion above. She included basic threads, buttons and scissors. I would tell you how adorable I think it is, but that would defeat the purpose of it being manly and rugged.

Ralph can sew!

As a party activity for my son’s fourth grade class, I taught the students how to hand-stitch bean bags. The boys weren’t enthusiastic at first, but I asked them how many of them had ever heard of Ralph Lauren. They all raised their hands, and I told them Ralph Lauren knew everything about fabric and sewing, and he was a MILLIONAIRE!  They all got busy sewing away, and a week later, one of the Moms let me know her son sewed the button back on his pants without any help from her!


Bluto probably could not sew.

So, what else should we send with big guy to college? He has a good tool set, but I can’t think of anything else.

I took a roll of quarters for the phone.

Suggestions on what to take to college?


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  • Sue in texss says:

    A small toolkit ( pliers, screwdriver, pocketknife, small flashlight, scissors, can opener & bottle opener, tiny screwdriver for glasses or remotes etc.)
    Electricity will go out in dorm or apt so they need some sort of emergency lighting other than their phone. Bottled water

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It sounds like you’ve done this recently! Thanks.

  • kaye steeper says:

    small size of various sauces , barbecue hot etc …it can make even self cooked student food edible

  • Besides things, I think it is important to send them off with life skills, you know, how to do their laundry [the tight way, not cramming everything into the washer at once!] and how important it is to wash their sheets and towels~and a basic knowledge of cooking and cleaning helps too~ you won’t believe how appreciated you will be once you aren’t doing these things! It is a tear jerker of a time Leslie Anne…

  • That pin cushion IS adorable. I suggest a carefully selected laundry basket. After he knows how much space is in his closet, you can choose a square, round, or rectangular basket or one that collapses when not in use. I have seen one that is tall and narrow that may work well when floor space is minimal.

  • Print out the lyrics for “Louie Louie.” He’ll be the only kid on campus who actually knows the words!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Ha! Best answer yet!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      If her were normal, yes. But he likes to walk through the rain!

  • I love that you taught the boys to sew and then told them about RL…perfect! Well I didn’t have any boys to send to college but the two girls we did send took many comforts from home. Our oldest took her “doggie” (I guess girls can do that) so we tease that “Doggie went to college”. I think the water from home with be a great comfort! Enjoy this time in your life!

  • nan, odessa, DE says:

    First aid kit, lots of headache meds, cold meds, boxes of CUP OF CHICKEN SOUP, throat logenzers, and ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSS bottled water! Yes, he will get sickly and you will feel LESS guilt if you know he has this package in the back of his closet!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      The chicken soup is a great idea, and as for water, he loves Fairhope’s tap water (which was selected as the best tasting water in the state, in case you cared!) So maybe a jug of water from home!

  • Well, both of my sons attended college while staying close to home, but I would think a basic first aid kit would come in handy. You know, bandaids, antibiotic cream, sunburn stuff, over the counter diarrhea meds, aspirin or tylenol, stuff like that. With Mom no longer playing the role of Nurse, they’ll have to learn to take care of themselves.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Perfect idea! I remember being sick away from home and it was terrible!

  • It seems I forgot to take something really important like my pillow, giving me a good excuse as any to go back home after two weeks of overwhelming newness. I was fine after that home visit. Can’t remember what I did take.

  • Trina Holbein says:

    I took my bridle, saddle, boots and britches – nothing for my dorm or non-equine classes so I am not the best to ask! Luckily my Mom grabbed some single bed sheets that were my brothers and I had to purchase a dictionary, calculator and other dorm items when I got there!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I love that you went to an equine college! Did the students get . . . “horse sense?”

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