Welcome to the same old blog, only different

January 27, 2016



Welcome to the blog_pp
Welcome to the same old blog, from the same old me . . . just with a new name and slightly new look.


Leslie Anne TarabellaFor over a year now, I’ve played with the idea of having a more general blog than one focused solely on my small hometown. The original name, “Fairhope Supply Co.” was originally intended to be an on-line store, but when the writing side of my blog took off and my column was picked up by the local newspaper, the shop never happened, so I was forever having to explain that, “no, I’m not a store” (but it’s still in the back of my mind and I’m keeping the name!).

Leslie Anne Tarabella

I thought and thought of a new name, and because of some new writing opportunities, I’ve decided to pretend to be like the big-girl writers and just use my own name. Not my maiden name, but my real married grown-up name, Leslie Anne Tarabella. Rhymes with my “real” first name – Cinderella.


Do you like the new “me” with a red pocketbook and newspaper? My sweetie pie created this avatar for me, and I’m worried that it looks like I’m getting ready to whack someone with the paper instead of write for it. (Notice the pearls?) The dress was made green to look like one of my favorite dresses of all times I wore for my first son’s baptism 19 years ago, and just finally donated it to charity last year, only to hyperventilate and rush down to Emmy’s the next day, to find it G-O-N-E!!! Tragic.


Big News

Agghhh! It can’t happen fast enough, but this part of the news will have to wait for another day. 


Pink Typewriter


I love writing for you and it makes me so happy to entertain and perhaps give you a few moments of distraction from this frustrating world. Your encouragement has made this growth possible, and although I’m Nervous-Nellie about what is yet to come, I hope you continue to follow along and watch the journey I take with this new endeavor.


It may be like a delicate, beautiful flower unfolding, or a horrible, tragic train wreck, but it will be worth watching either way.

Leslie Anne Tarabella

And now . . . housekeeping.

There may be a few glitches and malfunctions over the next few days (weeks — months) but please don’t run away!


For those of you who have signed up for notifications of new posts by email . . . your subscription should already switch over to the new site, so you should continue to receive notifications under the new name. If it isn’t reaching you, just re-enter your email address and don’t forget to click on the confirmation message that will be sent to your in-box.


You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin‘, but the best way to be notified of new posts is to sign up for email delivery. I promise to never sell your email unless I get a really, really good price for it. (Just kidding!).


Thanks to all of you (all y’all), and now . . . I’ll get busy!


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