Wedding — the rehearsal

February 13, 2022


What a joyful winter wedding we had with our son and new daughter-in-law. Abbie and Harrison were married in Georgia on February 5th on a cold yet beautiful day. There's so much to tell, I'll start here with the rehearsal dinner then later will post photos from the wedding day. 

These galvanized buckets of all sizes and shapes were filled with goodies for the groomsmen, who stayed with my brother at The Old Smyrna Firehouse. The gang arrived two days early so they had time to hang out and have a little party. They're all so healthy, I filled the containers with things like protein bars, healthy shakes, nuts, granola clusters, and the predictably forgotten combs, shaving cream, razors, mints and toothbrushes. 

The wedding was in John's Creek and Roswell, so technically, all I needed to do as the groom's out-of-town mother was pick up the phone and find a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. But come now . . . let's be serious, what Southern mother doesn't want to add a little "personalization" to the evening? 

Harrison has grown up eating my secret family recipe for decorated cookies, so it was a given they would be on the tables. I made a Jeep themed cookie as a nod to the couple's favorite vehicle in which they've traveled many happy miles.

I designed the Jeep logo and had it reproduced as a sugar transfer. (Etsy). This was the first time I had used an edible transfer, and honestly, it looked adorable, but I think it took away from the texture and flavor of the cookie. To make up for it, I also made smaller heart shaped cookies with a green leaf theme to match the wedding invitations and a "T" monogram. The hearts were placed on beautiful silver trays (thank you Rachel), where guests picked up their seating cards. 

Jeep cookie for wedding - Leslie Anne Tarabella

The ribbon for the cookies said, "Tarabella" or "Abbie and Harrison." The toy diamond ring tied to a quote from the bride provided some silly fun. Sure enough, everyone was soon sporting big "diamonds."  I stacked photo cubes around the flowers and everyone had fun looking at the couple through the years. Some guests even traded cubes with other tables so they could see new pictures.  - a big thanks to the "cube team," Barbara, Anna, Mimi and Karyn for helping me assemble the cubes. They turned a chore into fun.

This photo is from the rehearsal at the church. One son was the groom, the other Best Man. 

I had eaten at The Mill Kitchen and Bar in Roswell years ago and knew their food was outstanding, and I'm happy to report it still is. There was a slight bobble with the table set-up, but the staff quickly corrected the problem and the rest of the night flowed without a hitch. My husband led us in prayer and made a short speech on behalf of the Groom's family, then as dessert was served (Hummingbird Cake- the best I've ever tasted), other relatives and members of the wedding party said a few words. It was freezing cold outside, but a warm, warm evening inside. 

And wait until you see the actual wedding and reception (I'm awaiting permission to use the photos) it was absolutely beautiful and so romantic!  

- update - click HERE for the WEDDING DAY

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  1. Oh, Leslie! My heart is full! I, too, am in the “Mother of the Groom” Club (times two) and your personal account elicits my own precious memories. Can’t wait to hear…
    The rest of the story!

  2. So happy for you! You gain a beautiful daughter! Such nice pictures and I know everyone had a smashing time!

  3. Such wonderful, original ideas! I do hope that you get permission to share the photos of the wedding. It does say a lot about your family that Harrison chose his little brother as his best man.

    1. Hey Karen. I’m sure the photos will be okay, I just want to be a “good in-law” and ask first. They are going to be ready soon, so I’ll get busy writing the post. As for the best man, he and his brother are in different stages of life – one work and one still in college, but they’ve always played well together and at the end of the day, brothers are brothers. It was a sweet moment for me seeing them standing together.

  4. So many cute ideas and details! I love your jeep cookies and wow, I can’t believe you made them! The photo cubes on the tables are brilliant as are the galvanized buckets filled with male goodies for the groomsmen. It all sounds wonderful, so happy for you and your family ❤️

    1. Thank you Jenna. The photo cubes worked well, because they traveled nicely and will last to reuse with friends and dare I say . . . a second son’s wedding? They were great ice-breakers between the two families and friends.

  5. Oh, Leslie Anne, you did yourself proud!! Love ? every detail!! And Harrison certainly did himself proud!! She is beautiful, and they are so striking together! I bet the firehouse guys made some great memories, too! ??

    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure what happens at the Firehouse stays at the Firehouse. I did learn they were well mannered and cleaned up after themselves, even stripping the beds and carrying towels to the laundry room. Their mothers should be proud!

    1. So good to hear from you Roxanne and thanks for the kind words. It was an exciting weekend. I’ve been missing you – hope you are doing well.

      1. Leslie Anne, it is the first time in a long while that your story popped up in my inbox! I’ve been missing you too!!

    1. Creativity is often shaky, but there’s always plenty of joy and fun around here, for sure. Thanks, Leigh.

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