Wedding – The Big Day

February 19, 2022


Oh dear . . . a good portion of the photos from my son's wedding are yet to be released, but I'll share these for now. What? You want to see more later? Oh, hahaha. How dear of you! I'll see what I can do! 

First of all, let me introduce you to the bride's mother, Jackie. you can see why Abbie is so beautiful. Jackie organized this gorgeous day and I learned she and I share more than just two children in love. Here we are before the wedding in the (somewhat chaotic) bride's room. I thought we were both pretty calm — considering. I wore blue velvet, and Jackie was stunning in this shimmering champagne colored dress.

This photo is from my camera, but the others are all from Danielle Hickman Photography.

My longtime readers know I'm not perfect, and I'll confess. The only time I wasn't happy was when the young couple decided to take photos outside in a muddy 40 degree windy field. My joints were killing me and I had to redo my crazy windy hair. I wore furry boots beneath the dress until I got into position then slipped into the pretty shoes. Only my Bob knew my thoughts and he reminded me to "suck it up, buttercup." But look how the cold doesn't bother young people! Our son Joe was his brother's Best Man. And yes, some of you will receive this as a Christmas card next year! 

Leslie Anne Tarabella

Abbie and Harrison will live in Birmingham, but were married in Perimeter Church, in John's Creek, Georgia. It is very close to where Harrison was born in Marietta, so in a way, we felt like we had returned home.

Their reception in Roswell was walking distance from where Bob and I ate dinner the night we were engaged. 

The size and beauty of this church took my breath away. Our church in Fairhope is the same denomination, but has about 4,500 fewer members. There is a huge main worship center in addition to this smaller "chapel," which seats more than our entire church back home. Although large, it still felt warm and intimate. Love filled the space, and what a gorgeous space it was. 

Leslie Anne Tarabella

The parents were seated to a violin, guitar and piano trio of, "Great is thy Faithfulness," which just about made me drop to my knees and crawl to my seat with emotional overload. I love that song so much. Abbie and her mother did a wonderful job of personalizing the ceremony. 

Abbie's dad is on staff at the church and had a small part in the ceremony, which reflected the closeness of family and perfectly represented the couple.  Harrison's  friend Caleb Jones performed the ceremony. It was his first wedding to officiate, and he did a great job. 

And then, I danced with this newly married man to, "You are the sunshine of my life."  Ahh . . . perfection. The reception was beautiful and so much fun. The dinner was delicious, cake decadent, decorations classic and romantic.

The music was loud-louder-louder . . . testing how old we really are. The groomsmen and bridesmaids accented the "party" in "wedding party." It was great fun and a true celebration with 5 year olds to 95 year olds all on the dance floor. 

Harrison Tarabella Wedding

Bob and I couldn't love the new Mrs. Tarabella more. She's a brilliant nurse, who will surely hear about my aches and pains for the rest of my life (" . . . and it all started out on a freezing cold field in 2022!" - baa-ha-ha!). Abbie has dedicated her life to helping others, serving God and now loving our son. She's funny and charming and has a smile that dazzles the world. What more could we want in a daughter-in-law?

And then, it was all over in the blink of an eye. I immediately wanted to go back and do it all over again. We couldn't be happier. 

 Danielle's web site can be found here - Danielle Hickman Photography.

To read the previous post about the rehearsal dinner click HERE.  

  • Karen Roloson says:

    What wonderful pictures. I especially loved the one with the beautiful bride leading her attendants in prayer. All of the photos were filled with joy, even the ones with blue lips and chattering teeth. Congratulations to both of you. Good job.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Yes, the prayer before the wedding in the bride’s room was a beautiful experience. – But so glad you caught the chattering teeth. I love getting lots of pity. – ha! Thanks Karen!

  • Oh goodness Leslie Anne, I sniffled {happy tears} all through your post! What a very special wedding, the church, family ties, a friend officiating, just magic! Wonderful happy photos, you look beautiful {sorry about the chilly muddy field} and the bride and groom are adorable and look over the moon happy! I’m so glad you love your new DIL, special times ahead!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Thanks Jenna. I truly do love Abbie and can’t wait until she’s out of this crazy “honeymoon phase” so she’ll hang out with me! hahahaha! The other photos came in today and I love there is a photo of “the gang” Harrison worked with at a summer camp. They are all very close and showed up to celebrate. I’ll have to work that into a post someday. It truly was a family and friend celebration.

  • Arlene Cocke says:

    Oh, how special the entire wedding! Young love, and it will grow and grow and make new memories to last forever. Rejoice and be glad, this is the day the Lord has made! Absolutely beautiful, the bride, the groom, the church, the ceremony, love was all around!
    Just have to tell you, your blue velvet, just out of this world! You rocked it!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Thank you Arlene. It was a glorious day. If all I had to complain about was the cold, then it really was perfect. As for the dress, I don’t think I got a good picture of it. The front was a tulip hem and dipped up at the bottom. It was super comfortable which was a plus. All you need is love — and a good dress!

  • Leslie Anne, the photo in front of the stained glass window is absolutely stunning! The wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom are a gorgeous couple. I agree with Roxanne, the two mothers looked stunning and way too young to be marrying off children!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Yes, I think the window photo will be in a frame at some point. It’s just what you think a fairy tale wedding should be. Thanks Pam.

  • Roxanne Bernard says:

    Oh Leslie Anne, it looks so beautiful! The picture in front of the stained glass, oh my goodness. And I must say, the two mothers looked stunning and waaaaay to young to be marrying off children!!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      #bestcommentyet — hahah! Thanks so much Roxanne. The window was incredible and there were two others that were also just as brilliant.

  • Thanks so much for sharing these! Such a beautiful wedding and such joy on y’all’s faces. We had our first call with a wedding planner for my younger daughter’s wedding a few days ago and it’s all quite exciting. Love seeing other well planned and well executed weddings.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Ahh, the bride’s family. You’ll do great, Leigh. I knew from the moment I met Abbie and her family, she and her mother were more than capable of planning the wedding details without me. They were kind to ask my opinion on a few things, but it was so nice to relax knowing they were in control. It was also a joy to be surprised with so many nice details I didn’t expect. The rehearsal dinner was all I needed to see to, so . . . my hat’s off to you as the bride’s family for planning lots of fun surprises for everyone. If Harrison had married an orphan, like I wrote about years ago, I would have jumped right in to help, but it was lovely having someone else in charge. Being the Mother of the Groom wasn’t so bad. Best wishes for smooth planning for your daughter!

  • Maria mendez says:

    Lovely……….Congratulations……….loved reading about their wedding

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Thank you Maria. It was so much fun.

  • Margaret Neely says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful families!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      It’s a joy that our families really do love each other. Thanks Margaret.

  • It is all lovely, Leslie Anne. The church is indeed beautiful. That picture in front of the stained glass is just perfect. The dress is pretty and classic. I have seen a few weddings as of late that have left my jaw dropped over the bride’s choice of gown:)

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Oh Sandy . . . ha! Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I do believe that I wrote a story years ago, on brides who insisted on revealing their “maids of honor” in strapless fashions. Do tell!

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