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March 4, 2013


***UPDATE 2021 – CAB Yachts has moved to a new location in Pensacola, FL. Their website is here: CABYachts

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Charles Bodree, owner of CAB Yachts.  Turns out, we’ve known each other since childhood, but hadn’t seen each other in years.  You know in the South how we say we “know your people?”  Well, Charles and I know each other’s people. That makes him extra cool.

It’s such a beauty, you can hang it as art!  
Okay, take it down and finish it now.  We want a ride.
Charles has a degree in Architecture from Auburn and designs and constructs his boats at CAB Yachts in Perdido Beach, Alabama. After building his first simple fishing boat at age 13, Charles was hooked on designing the perfect boat.
In addition to boats, Charles has also created a little bit of everything else.  Seeing the need for good design in not only everyday commercial and residential buildings, Charles has also fabricated things like an interactive reception desk for a pediatrician’s office, and a large graphic video display for a public park.
CAB Yachts designs are all custom built from select grade Philippine mahogany and begin with detailed design work specifically for each customer.
The shop also provides restoration for classic vintage watercraft.
Creativity prevails in all of Charles’ endeavors and you can see his
brilliant train of thought in his graphic design details. Even his business cards are impressive.
They’re clear!
Charles’ custom boats are proof that watercraft needn’t be massive to evoke beauty and luxury.
Okay, all you crafty people out there, let’s see you try this!
You can view CAB Yachts firsthand at wmCMStudio on DeLaMar Street.  Charles will be meeting the public and unveiling his latest projects during April’s First Friday Art Walk,
April 5th in Downtown Fairhope.
  Go ahead and place your order for a custom skiff now so you’ll be ready for a
summer afternoon on the Bay!

To see the CAB Yacht web site, click here. 

  • CAB Yachts produces wooden vessels using the finest exotic hardwoods and every detail is considered in both the fabrication and finish. CAB is also a reliable source for tropical hardwood stock and lumber e.g. ipe and cumaru decking and cladding, premium sourced mahogany (not plantation mahogany), burmese teak, and about anything one might need for their custom project. The owner is easy to do business with and has always fulfilled our orders as agreed. CAB Yachts is a true local asset to the downtown community and the greater Pensacola.Gulf Coast area.

  • Reminds me of the “Miss Behave” and many of the other Thousand Island racers and rum-runners; Hutchinson’s, Gar Woods’, etc.

  • Beautiful boats and craftsmanship!

  • I admire people who follow their dreams and then build them literally.

  • Anonymous says:

    Refreshing to learn that real craftsmen still exist. I have visited boat manufacturing plants that were full of fiberglass and chemical smells. Would love to visit this one some day.
    A. Pat

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