I heart you a Waffle Lot.

January 20, 2016


Waffle House Valentine's T-ShirtDon’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Waffle House, but this just arrived in my inbox this morning and I’m not sure what to think:


Waffle House for Valentines Day.

The link takes you HERE where you can find a Waffle House location that is participating in this candle-lit event. Alas, the Fairhope Waffle House didn’t make the cut, so my sweetie will have to find a regular restaurant instead – although, come to think of it, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, and most of our restaurants are closed on Sunday nights.

Waffle House Menu

We may end up in the Waffle House after all.

Will I see you there? Are you a fan?



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  1. I’m a fan but confess I never go there. Who doesn’t enjoy a good waffle but it’s just to easy to pop a low fat frozen waffle into the toaster when the craving hits. You may have to go to Mobile on Valentine’s Day. I would cry if I had to go to the local Waffle House on that special day…….

    1. Never met a frozen waffle that can compare to Waffle House! And I always have to get their hashbrown – smothered, covered, and chunked.

    1. Good question! I’ve been to a Waffle House wearing formal wear, after the ball of course, but then again, who hasn’t? Hahaha!

  2. I LOVE Waffle house. We don’t have them here in California, but you better believe when I travel, I’m stopping at one, every chance I get! Thank goodness I have friends and family all across the South.

    1. If you can’t get to a Waffle House within 10 minutes of your house, you may want to consider moving. Just sayin’ . . .

  3. Ha! I made some waffles today, and they were very good, although I doubt WH does any like these. Now these? They had bacon and cheddar in them! They might actually be worthy of a candle on the table, no joke. I am sure you would look fetching in the shirt — maybe you should drop in and see what it’s all about.

  4. Oh, yes, who doesn’t love their pecan waffle? Next time you’re in the Atlanta area, call in advance to schedule a tour of the Waffle House Museum over in Avondale. It’s a fascinating time-capsule, even though there’s no short-order cook behind the counter.

    1. Well, if you aren’t the most observant thing! Thank you for noticing and missing me. Stay tuned, and I’ll make an announcement soon.

  5. I’m an IHOP gal myself. Their “senior” pricing starts at age 55. While I was originally insulted I realized the beauty in saving a couple of dollars on my bacon and eggs. However, that t-shirt might be just what it takes to make me a Waffle House convert.

    1. A buck saved is a buck earned! They closed the IHOP that was close to us, and it was the only one in our area —unlike Waffle House where you can find one on every corner around here.

  6. Ha ha…my last Waffle House visit was in July 2007 on my way to Atlanta…we stopped in Charlotte, NC. We were starving and it was delicious. Never thought of Waffle House and Valentine’s Day, but who am I to judge.

    1. I think my brother and his friend took their dates to Wendy’s for a formal dinner one night. If Wendy’s can be dreamy, so can Waffle House! Time to get you back down again for another helping of WH food!

  7. Leslie Anne… this is so funny. I posted my blog today and posted it on FB. For some reason, the photo of the waffle shirt came up. I had no idea where it came from. It happened another time and it posted a pic of you in your beautiful dress. So it was my blog with your pic. I didn’t mind – I hoped everyone would think it was me!! Have a good weekend.

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