USS Alabama, Hooray for the Mighty A!

November 23, 2015


Leslie Anne Harrison and Dr. Karyn Tunks, Fairhope Alabama

Here I am with Rosie the Riveter, better known as my sweet friend, Dr. Karyn Tunks, and author of, “USS Alabama, Hooray for the Mighty A!” Karyn was signing books this weekend at Page and Palette Bookstore during the Downtown Holiday Open House in Fairhope.


USS Alabama, Mobile AlabamaThis is the most awesome children’s book I’ve seen this year and I know teachers everywhere will want to have their own copy of this fun and educational story.


Dr. Karyn Tunks, USS Alabama, Hooray for the Mighty A!Even if you aren’t from this area, you’ll swell with American pride at the story of how the USS Alabama was rescued by school children and came to be on display in Mobile.

Lunchline on the USS Alabama. Book by Dr. Karyn TunksThe charming book is expertly illustrated by Julie Dupre Buckner. Karyn and Julie may sound familiar to my long-time readers from their first book, Jubilee! (HERE).


Member card for the USS Alabama, Mobile ALAfter a successful career at sea during WWII, the USS Alabama sat unused for 15 years. Then, In 1962, officials announced The Mighty A would be dismantled and scrapped. The people of Alabama were heartbroken and launched a plan to raise money to save the ship.


Leslie Anne Harrison on board the USS AlabamaHere I am aboard the USS Alabama this past spring when I was on my Harley Davidson trip. It’s such an awesome feeling to stand on deck of this 608.8′ long ship. Oh, how do I know it’s exactly 608.8 ft. long? Because the book is filled with a double page of illustrated facts and a map of the ship! It’s the kind of book my boys would have spent hours with, staring at each page, poring over every fascinating detail.


Hooray for the Mighty A! - the story of the USS Alabama.The entire state came together and raised the needed funds to save the battleship. Children worked especially hard and donated the change they earned from doing odd jobs.


Book signing, Page and Palette Bookstore, Fairhope

The Mighty A was finally restored and serves today as a spectacular tourist attraction where Veterans hold reunions and Boy and Girl Scouts camp. Being a Professor of Early Childhood Education, Karyn has covered everything a child could possibly want to know. A complete glossary in the back of the book explains words and terms like “berthed” and “gedunk stand.”


You can download a free coloring sheet of the USS Alabama on Karyn’s site HERE.


USS Alabama children's book by Dr. Karyn TunksUSS Alabama, Hooray for the Mighty A! is the perfect gift not only for a child, but even for adults who have served in the military or just love a good American story of pulling together and accomplishing something great. And don’t we all need a story like that right now?


Find this beautiful book at Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope, or call 251-928-5295 to order. (Can you say , “perfect teacher gift?”)


And let’s give one more hip-hip- Hooray for the Mighty A!

This just in: Dr. Tunks will be reading her new book at Page and Palette on Sunday, December 6th to all children, and especially invites the Boy and Girl Scouts of the area!


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  1. I love it. I am ordering a copy now! Once a teacher addicted to great picture books, always a teacher addicted to great picture books. I still remember my first field trip to the USS Alabama. I lived in Range, Alabama and attended Repton Elementary School. We DID NOT take field trips like that back then in our neck of the woods, but our 4th grade teacher arranged it, and we were beyond thrilled. I always remembered that and made taking a field trip a priority in my classroom.

    1. What a great memory of a wonderful teacher! I grew up taking field trips to The USS Lexington and Forrestal in Pensacola, and there’s nothing like being a kid and standing on the deck of an enormous ship! Thanks for the note. You’ll love the book!

    2. Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for sharing that special memory of your field trip to the USS ALABAMA. It IS an unforgettable experience for children and adults to explore the ship and stand her decks imaging what it was like to be a sailor serving our country. If you get a chance, go to my Facebook page, USS Alabama: Hooray for the Mighty A (same as the book title), and share your memory there.

  2. We have some cute pictures of our children visiting the USS Alabama. Being rather claustrophobic, I chose to sit in the big room while the kids and my husband climbed ladders and checked out bunks etc. Hope you have recovered from your recent post. Oh My Goodness People, lets lighten up a bit. Keep on keeping it real Leslie Anne!!

    1. I think I’d be keeping you company in the big room, Arlene!

      And as for the previous post . . . Santa’s keeping track of all those nice and naughty folks! Thanks so much, I appreciate your thoughts.

    2. Hi Arlene,
      Sounds like you hung out in the Wardroom which is the part of the ship with the coolest air conditioning! Good choice! When I stayed overnight with the Girl Scouts, I spent much of the evening in that room also. (:

  3. Thanks for this post Leslie Anne, I am ordering a copy for a certain little man in my life! What a great gift idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving, have a wonderful holiday with your family………………..

  4. What an attractive book. I am going to order one and send it (after I read it) to my sister who is in charge of her church library in North Alabama. They will surely want to make a field trip to South Alabama to visit the ship.

    1. They’ll love it in North AL too, because it talks about how children from all over the state helped with the cause.

    2. Thanks Jess. Remind your sister that school children from all over the state donated coins to help save the USS Alabama and bring her home. If she is in north Alabama, she will appreciate the phrase in the book “from Huntsville to Mobile and every town in between.”

  5. Wow! I wish I had had a book like this as a child — I might have been more interested in Alabama history. I might pick up a copy and after I read it, donate it to one of the groups who collect books for children.

    1. Thanks Ellen. I was not much of a history buff in school because it didn’t seem relevant to my life. As an adult, I’ve discovered that history is actually made up of “stories” and that is what is appealing to me. Plus, our state has a fascinating history once you start poking around!

  6. So proud of Karyn, aka Rosie the Riveter!!! I’m going to buy this for my grandchildren for Christmas, what a fabulous way to introduce them to Alabama history! Happy Thanksgiving Leslie Anne!

  7. What can I say? Thanks so much for blogging about our new book. Such an honor to be the topic of discussion on Fairhope Supply Co. You really captured our passion for this story. Many thanks!

    1. My complete pleasure. Not only are you a wonderful person, but your book really is great! Wish i had had it for my boys ten years ago, but honestly, they’ve been looking through it now!

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