Update on Southern Belle Soldier

August 27, 2014


Happy Wednesday!


Since so many of you have asked how she’s doing, I wanted to give you a quick update on Simcha Antar, the 20 year old Fairhope, Alabama native who has recently joined the Israeli National Army. The good news is that Simcha arrived safely to her post and is busy being immersed in the Hebrew language. She is in a group of soldiers that come from different countries and only has two other Americans in her unit.

Israelphoto by Simcha Antar

But the best news is that Simcha has started her own blog! Now you can keep up with her by following her journey at My Israeli Journey. It will be listed on my sidebar, down on the bottom right. Stop by Simcha’s blog and say hello, and let her know she’s in our thoughts and prayers.

To read my original story about Simcha,  “Southern Belle Soldier,” CLICK HERE.





  • Suzy Onderdonk says:

    I have known her since she was born! So sweet and intelligent girl who knows three languages (English, Hebrew and sign language). Amazing girl!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I’m so happy to have met Simcha and excited about her new blog that allows us to follow along on her journey.

  • Thanks for the update on this young woman’s amazing life.

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