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July 14, 2015


10-go-set-a-watchman.w529.h529.2xToday’s the day! Do you have your copy of Go Set A Watchman? Most bookstores around the country and even overseas are doing some sort of promotion for this book by Alabama author, Harper Lee. Here in Fairhope, we’ll be celebrating at Page and Palette Bookstore with a party beginning at 5pm. I’ll be one of the authors who are doing a reading, while refreshments are served. There will also be book give-aways and a free photo booth. Come out and join the fun at 5pm! (click HERE for my previous post on the event and book).



There’s another great author who is also being featured today at Page and Palette. Susan Crandall will be talking to the crowd at 12 noon and telling us all about her new book, “The Flying Circus.” It’s free, and you can bring a lunch, or pay $10 to purchase a lunch there. (call ahead to order – 251-928-5295).

Susan Crandall is a critically acclaimed author of women’s fiction, romance, and suspense. She has written several award-winning novels including her first book, “Back Roads”, which won the RITA award for best first book, as well as “Whistling Past the Graveyard”, which won the SIBA 2014 Book Award for Fiction.




Then, get ready for a double treat on Thursday, July 16th. Laura Lane McNeal and Patti Callahan Henry will join together for a luncheon at The Venue. The cost is $15 for lunch, which will include a $5 coupon for a book.

I’m just amazed at the literary talent in this area. It must be the breeze off the bay that inspires us to write and to embrace other writers into our community. Get out and get involved in some of these inspiring events. And if you live out of our area, get to your locally owned bookstore and dive in!

Go to Page and Palette‘s new web site for more information on even more events! HERE

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  1. I love going to literary luncheons!! So fun! Even if I have not read the author’s book, I usually put it on my “must read” list by the end of the lunch. Enjoy your week.

    1. I agree that meeting the author is always a good way to become interested in their work. Knowing a little bit about them is always fun.

  2. I am excited for you today. I have downloaded Go Set a Watchman, but I am currently reading the Boston Girl so I need to finish it before moving on. Enjoy your day!

  3. The literary luncheons sound like a load of fun and I hope the reading today is a success. I, however, have decided to not read GSAW. I made the mistake of reading the first chapter and don’t intend to read another word. There has already been such negative commentary about Atticus in GSAW. Also, with the controversy surrounding the finding and releasing the book, I am very suspicious about the entire affair. I can understand the excitement of the book, but it isn’t for me. Guess I want to live in the past and have Atticus remain the hero he is portrayed to be in Miss Nelle’s literary masterpiece, TKAM.

    1. I can totally understand your position, and there are many others who feel the same way. I have to keep in mind this book was Harper Lee’s first go at it, and as a writer, I know my stories get better the more I revise and rethink them. Her re-thought version was To Kill a Mockingbird, so I’m not expecting Go Set A Watchman to be better at all, but I’m still interested.

    2. I agree with you, Sylvia. It’s sort of like watching the movie of a favorite book, which is usually a huge let-down. And there’s so much mystery surrounding this book plus the hint of a third one? There must be a reason Harper Lee allowed To Kill a Mockingbird to stand alone for these many decades and I’m not sure she wanted it’s “sequel/prequel” published. Folks who dislike the South are itching for another reason to bash us, even if it IS through fiction.

  4. I just read an article in the NY Times. It seems Miss Nelle’s attorney, Sonya B. Carter now has yet another story about how the manuscript was found and has hinted at a third book.

    1. A New York lawyer messin’ with an old (wealthy) lady from Alabama . . . now, there’s your story!!!

  5. It was so nice to finally get to met you at LaTeeDa. That was the highlight of my trip. Talking to you was even more enjoyable than reading your articles, and I love them! And no, she didn’t wear her overalls. She looked very cool on a mid-90 degree evening in her “summer seersucker.”

    1. It was an absolute pleasure to put your familiar name with such a sweet and charming face! So happy you were able to attend the reading. Wasn’t it fun? I haven’t finished reading the book yet, but plan to spend time on it tomorrow. Hope you can return to Fairhope soon!

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