Turkey’s Ready

November 28, 2013


While I preheated the oven, Junior distracted the turkeys with a lively Thanksgiving polka
on his accordion, so they
wouldn’t know what was coming.
This is my actual, real turkey for Thanksgiving 2013.
20 pounds of yum!

An early morning in the kitchen, and the turkey is now ready to go. I think it looks great, if I say so myself. This is where we need scratch n’ sniff computer screens because it smells wonderful. The aroma brought Lois the Beagle crawling out of her warm bed earlier than usual.

The taste test will come later today. (For the turkey, not the beagle.)

And we will be following this Martha Stewart method of ensuring a pleasant Thanksgiving meal with teenagers:

Happy Thanksgiving to all the kind, wonderful readers of 
Fairhope Supply Co. May you have a blessed and peaceful day 
with those you love. 

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  1. Love this post! Your turkey looks delicious. I’ve cooked the Pumpkin Chess pie and the Pecan Chocolate pie is baking in the oven (Emeril Lagasse’s recipe). I try to make one new recipe every year and the Pecan Chocolate is it this time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Hope!

  2. Love the comic!!! We’re celebrating T-Day on Saturday with my husband’s family in Fairhope (for the first time ever!!). Our nieces are doing all the cooking. I’m making apple pie and brownies for dessert. We’re all looking forward to it! I’ve got my stretchy pants all cleaned and pressed! 😉

  3. I am so glad some other little boy had to play the accordion. I believe my mother still has it in the closet of my old room. My father usually walked out to the garage when I started to play it.

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