Turkey Cookies

November 25, 2013


Kitchen Aid mixer, Fairhope Supply Co.
The first Thanksgiving I spent with my in-laws, I told them I would bring “turkey cookies.”
Turkey cookies, Fairhope Supply Co.
So I carefully mixed, cut, baked and decorated.
Thanksgiving cookies, Fairhope Supply Co.
They thought I was bringing cookies made from turkey meat.
Thanksgiving cookies dessert, Fairhope Supply Co.
Bless their hearts.
Thanksgiving cookies and desserts, Fairhope Supply Co.
I guess I should have been more specific.
Baking cookies, Fairhope Supply Co.
Do you know what they did to my turkey cookies?
“Gobble – gobble!”
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  • Very cute……love making cut out cookies. Like the vintage cookie cutter you have…..Andi

  • Hello Hope, I see you are getting all ready for the big day and the turkey cookies are such a pretty treat, almost to pretty to eat! Cute story about the in-laws……….I’m coming up for air here, finally. I will be in touch soon.

  • So pretty! I wish the leaves in my yard looked as colorful as your cookies. And what’s up with this cold weather? I moved south to get away from these kinds of temps. Brrrrr!!!!

  • At school one day I heard the room mothers in a lively discussion over who would bring the pumpkin cookies, the ghost cookies or the turkey cookies. I knew exactly what they were talking about and it didn’t have a thing to do with the ingredients. It would have been a grave faux pas to duplicate another persons’ ideas. Your attractive cookies look delicious.

  • Those cookies are looking too good to eat. Wish I had a couple right this minute. But, hey, I’ll have to wait til turkey day….

  • Obviously they did not speak “Southern Cookie”.

  • Ha ha! You’re on a roll this morning! What cute turkey cookies. I’m afraid I would have gone gobble gobble too! I have that same flaming hot red Kitchenaid!
    Be a sweetie and happy Thanksgiving,
    Shelia 😉

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