Tune in to Fairhope’s Magical Christmas Parade!

December 4, 2019


Fairhope Christmas Parade - lelieannetarabella.com

Here’s a scene of Fairhope’s Magical Christmas Parade from a few years ago. Once again, I’ll have a great view from the balcony of Page and Palette Bookstore where I’ll be the guest announcer for WABF Radio 1480AM as we give you live, exciting coverage of each and every detail!

Lori Dubose - Fairhope Christmas Parade - leslieannetarabella.com

The regular host, Lori Dubose, rides in the parade and gets a great reception as the unofficial voice of Fairhope. So, while she’s living my dream waving from the back of a convertible, I fill in for her with co-host Mark Swally. He’s so much fun, Maybe I have the better end of the deal after all!

Leslie Anne Tarabella Fairhope Christmas Parade, Alabama

Here we are covering last year’s parade. There are so many pages of details to go through, it all gets jumbled. Each unit in the parade is supposed to fill out a description page. Some write nothing on it, and others write an entire novel that we don’t have time to read. — this is when we get creative and just start “improvising.” If you are in the parade this year — stick to the MAIN FACTS! And, put identifying signs on your entry . . . just a little public service announcement.

Fairhope High School Marching Band - Leslieannetarabella.com
My favorite entry — the Fairhope High School Marching Band.

This year, the Downtown Art Galleries, and probably a few merchants will be open for a Christmas version of Art Walk. Come early from 5:30 – 7:00pm and stroll around the town, then watch the parade at 7pm. You can tune in to 1480AM to hear the parade, or if you live out of broadcast range, you can tune in through their web site WABF — in the black strip at the top of the page, there is “listen live.” Click there to be instantly transported to Fairhope!

Leslie Anne Tarabella

We had a great Thanksgiving, even though I came down with a bad sort of cold/not quite the flu/princess/sinus thing that is going around. I still feel horrible now, so I need to shake it off by parade time on Friday! I’m also looking forward to a speaking engagement I have Friday at lunch. It’s a great group, and I’m so excited to be with them. I’ll sprinkle some glitter around and feel festive by then, I’m sure.

Fairhope’s Magical Christmas Parade, Friday, December 6, 2019 7pm Listen on WABF 1480AM radio or online at: http://newsite.wabfradio.com.

  • How fun to be an announcer, I know you have a ball saying clever things!! I hope you felt well enough to enjoy it, Fairhope always has the best things going on!

    • Thanks Jenna. It was a fast-moving parade, so we had to be on our toes this year! It was great fun, and I felt fine, but then came home and crashed.

  • You are well into the parade while I am writing this. Hope you have a great time and that you feel better! Love the photo of you and your handsome guys!

    • Thanks Pam. The parade was great fun. Wish my boys were here for it because I can remember when they marched in the parade in the band and Scouts! Miss those guys!

  • You are such a special Joy Leslie Anne.
    I miss seeing you but I love your articles.

    Feel better

    I will try to listen in.


    • Oh, thank you sweet Chris! It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other, but how nice of you to tune in to the parade show. I’ll give you a special shout-out between the dancing candy canes and the marching snowmen. Merry Christmas to you!

  • Sure sounds like fun. Be sure to bundle up and take care, keep something hot to sip on for your throat. Great pic of you and the boys………

    • Thanks Emily. You’re so right to stay warm. If my ears get cold, I get so sick! Isn’t that weird? It’s supposed to rain that morning, so I hope it’s clear and not too cold. You never know about the weather around here.

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