“Tree Houses” of Mobile Alabama

August 28, 2014


Mobile Alabama tree lined street, Fairhope Supply Co.

I love looking at the “tree houses” of Mobile Alabama. They aren’t really IN the trees, but nestled AMONGST them. These giant Live Oaks span streets and overhang porches that were built long after the tree took root.

Summer is my favorite time to drive down these streets because of the cool, cool shade provided by the mammoth oaks. Some have spanish moss hanging down, which softly moves along with the warm breezes. Others have resurrection fern that grows closely against the long, extended branches making them look fuzzy.

Mobile Alabama historic neighborhood, Fairhope Supply Co.

Leaves falling in the autumn are a small price to pay for the beauty and charm these old trees giveHistoric Mobile Alabama home.


This house wasn’t necessarily shaded by trees, but the gables caught my attention.





At first, I thought it was a stained glass design.





But instead, I think it’s some type of scrollwork. How beautiful and unique! The construction year is listed as 1898.



Historic Mobile Alabama home, Fairhope Supply Co.

How’s this for a beautiful, shady porch to sit in a swing and drink your tea?

Mobile Alabama cottage, Fairhope Supply Co. blog

The windows on this cottage are a classic style that frame a pretty view. We technically live in a tropical climate, so there’s some type of greenery outdoors year round. Palms, azaleas, pines and magnolias stay green, even if we have a rare dusting of snow.

Live Oak trees in Mobile, Alabama. Fairhope Supply Co. blog

The trees are uprooting the sidewalks in many areas, but Mobile’s popular new Mayor, Sandy Stimpson, has announced plans to resurface these pathways.

Historic home in Mobile ALAfter the leaves fall is a better time to view the houses, but I like to see them snuggled in the summer greenery.

Live Oak trees in Mobile Alabama This is one neighborhood, where driving can actually reduce stress.

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