Tramp Art Frames

April 16, 2013


Trammell House, Marietta GA
Last week, I showed images of my friend Rachel’s house. This is a view from her dining room, looking into the front parlor. Can you see the arrangement of frames on the far wall?
Those are Tramp Art Frames.
Trammell House Marietta GA, Leslie Anne Tarabella
Here’s a closer look.
Tramp Art Frames were made between the years of 1870 – 1930 by hobos, or in many instances, skilled German immigrants who would travel the countryside selling or trading their beautiful creations.
The frames were constructed from wooden cigar boxes or produce crates.
tramp art
Made in similar way as quilts, geometric shapes were first cut, then assembled into patterns.
tramp art frame
Frames weren’t the only thing made with this creative method. ¬†Boxes, mirrors, sewing caddies, and even small furniture pieces were created using this geometric formula.
tramp art frames
tramp art frames
Rachel has found her collection at different antique shops throughout the Southeast.
tramp art frame
Once you learn about Tramp Art, you begin to appreciate its beauty and want to start your own collection.
To see an interesting site for more Tramp Art Frames, click here.
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