Top 10 Southern Valentine Couples

February 14, 2013


Elvis and Pricilla
Gladys warned her Mississippi son not to marry
a girl born in Brooklyn, New York.
But they sure did look good together.
Johnny and June Carter Cash
Johnny died four months after June, some say of a broken heart.
Andy Taylor and Ellie 
I know, Helen was his eventual girl, but I always liked Ellie best.
What happened to her?
President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter
Politics aside, they win best smiles.
Hank and Peggy Hill
This Texas Couple wins for best theme song. 
Ann and Bobby Bowden
It doesn’t matter which team you cheer for, it’s nice to see this couple, who have been married for over 60 years survive the high stress job of college football. Alabama natives, Ann and Bobby grew the FSU football team into a nationally ranked program and have enstilled a strong Christian faith in their family. “She still thinks she’s 16 years old” quipped Bobby, as Ann leaned over to give him a kiss during a press conference.
This Southern Couple bit the dust . . . out of here. We take her side! 
Barney and Thelma Lou
In the reunion special, she had married someone else.
Barney learned the wise old saying,
“If you snooze, you loose.”
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
She’s from Ridgeland, Mississippi, and he’s from Delhi, Louisiana.
That’s a whole lot’ta grits goin’ on!
And everyone’s favorite dysfunctional Southern couple,
Scarlett and Rhett
Crazy drama aside, I still vote for Scarlett and Rhett.
Who gets your vote for the dreamiest Southern couple?
Happy Valentine’s Day

And for my own Valentine, here is a song for you.

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