Today’s the day! (and soothing fields of cotton)

November 7, 2017


Well, I’m launching the new book today! It’s been at our local Page and Palette bookstore since last Friday, but tonight is the launch party. If you are in the area, 6pm  (Tuesday, Nov. 7th), you are most definitely invited. There will be lots of fun people, Southern snacks and drink specials at The Book Cellar. Above, is the photo of me signing my first book for my friend Bill. I walked into the bookstore Friday night and saw the display for the first time and Bill asked me to autograph a book. I joked on Facebook that the store had to give him a discount because I cried all over his book!


All you nice folks are invited.


This is a blurry photo, but it is so adorable of my friend from high school, Teresa, who blew through town on her way from Texas to Florida and didn’t even have time to stop for a visit, but rushed straight to the bookstore to get two of my books. Is that not the nicest thing in the world? She always was a sweetie-pie (and had excellent taste in reading materials)!!!


It has taken much longer to publish a book than I ever thought. With tiny details to tend to, and now the job of marketing, it isn’t just as simple as writing anymore. If Mark Twain had to deal with all this social media mess, I don’t know if he’d ever write anything again. He’d tell his publishers what they could do with their hashtags and Instagram posts — but he’d say it with such style and charm!

And here’s my ugly-cry face when I saw my display for the first time. Page and Palette received their shipment of books before I did, so this is the first time I ever held one!


I’m so overwhelmed with details (frazzled),  it was nice to drive through some gorgeous cotton fields and calm down a bit. Simmer down, simmer down. Alabama snow. Calmness. Peace. Beauty. Deep breath.


I’ll take lots of photos and let you know how the party goes. Thank you to every one of you for reading and being so supportive. I’ll also let you know at a later time my updated schedule for future signings and on-line availability. Hope to see you tonight!

Here’s the tag: #themjorettesarebackintown




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