There She Is . . . Miss (Alabama/NY) America!

January 16, 2013


Lord, Almighty.  The South has captured the title of Miss America once again.  Only this time, the rhinestone wearing beauty goes by the undercover name of “Miss New York City,” but we all know her as little ole’ Mallory Hagan, from Opelika Alabama.

Mallory studied at Auburn University for a while before transferring to The Fashion Institute of Technology in NY.  Currently living in Brooklyn, Mallory definitely showed her southern roots to those of us who knew where to look.

Tap dancing to James Brown?  Not what most Brooklyn girls do.  Mallory’s major at the Fashion Institute focuses on fragrance.  That’s a flowery-southern belle thing if I’ve ever heard. And the final “Hey Y’all” tip-off came during the question and answer portion of the pageant when Mallory was asked a question about gun control. Beautiful Mallory instantly turned into a steel magnolia and said education on proper gun handling was the answer – not a ban.

You could have almost heard Lynyrd Skynyrd warming up.

Now my heart and cheers were truly for the real Miss Alabama, Anna Laura Bryan who is a Samford University Graduate from Decatur and was by far the most beautiful and talented contestant.  Anna Laura held her own, finishing in the top 12 and making our state proud.

Anna Laura Bryan – Our beautiful Miss Alabama 2012

But could it be that Southern pageant contestants like Mallory, (who previously made an attempt at the Miss Alabama title) have discovered what many of us suspected all along?  That the competition to the north just isn’t as fierce?

Think about it. Would you rather compete with girls who arrive at the pageant with 12 piece sets of designer luggage filled with hair products, flaming batons and custom gowns, or take your chances against a group of girls who have a tube of chap stick in their pockets and think a dramatic reading of Friedan can be considered talent?

So once again, a Southern Belle has proven she has brains that equal her beauty.

And New York just may be Mallory’s “Sweet Home” after all.

  • So glad we won!! …via NYC.

    Did you notice the similarity to the plot line of the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”?

  • Congratulations to both these Alabama young women. By the way do you get Garden and Gun magazine? If not, do look into it. It is the best magazine out there. The writers are superb. But I know you are on top of all things southern.

  • Southern girls! I’m so thankful I was born and live in the South! Both of these Alabama queens are beautiful inside and out and smart, too. Why is it that TV and movie producers always focus on their (ignorant and backward) ideas of Southerners rather than gals like these?

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