The True Joy of Cooking

February 11, 2017


My brother, Robert Harrison — not to be confused with my son, Harrison Robert, or my husband Robert, threw a party dedicated to the well loved church casserole. Robert (the brother) is single, and he’s always looking for a way to get women to bring him food without making any kind of commitment, so the casserole party was pure genius.


His friends jumped on the bandwagon with enthusiasm because like most people these days, they were eager to return to a time when meals were homemade and shared with those you love. We’ve started to realize that grabbing dinner at the drive-thru, isn’t the way nature intended us to be nurtured.

The party was a huge success, and as conversation and laughter flowed over Chicken Spaghetti and Beef-Tip Delight, most said it had . . . click HERE to read the rest of the story on

  • Hi Little Bitty Pretty One! Oh, I so remember the all day singing and dinner on the grounds! As I little girl, I so remember these affairs at church and all of the delicious fried chicken. The women sure did pride themselves with their delicious food! 🙂 I’m giggling thinking about your little fuzzy face popping up on the table and cleaning your dishes! 😉 Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Lois was quite a site up on my dining room table, for sure! I’m guessing you’ve made a casserole or two in your time — and delicious ones too!

  • As always, great post-Leslie Anne. My favorite line “no blue ribbons for being busy.” Do I get any blue ribbons for sitting on the couch shoving chicken spaghetti down my throat? That is my favorite casserole!! Have a great week.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Sure! First place, baby!

  • This may be my favorite thing you’ve written, well after the story about baton twirlers a while back! And it’s timely for me personally. Im having a few other widow friends over to eat dinner Tuesday night-Valentine’s Day is kind of hard when your in our situation. I have fussed over the menu, trying to balance time constraints with good food. I even thought about making a really healthy meal. But in the end I have decided on comfort food; a casserole of chicken and dressing, sweet and sour green beans with bacon, cranberry glazed carrots, fruit salad and Sister Shubert’s dinner rolls. It will all be home cooked ( well except for the rolls) and it won’t be particularly healthy, but I think it will minister to us in a way that going out to dinner or eating something paleo or whole 30 compliant never could.

    I did laugh at your brother and friends bonding over chicken spaghetti, tho. When my husband passed away, we were blessed with lots of chicken spaghetti. It was wonderful, as were the home made chicken and dumplings, breakfast casseroles, ham and other home made meals our church and Bible study friends so graciously brought. However we ate so much chicken spaghetti over those first few weeks that my kids have sworn to never eat it again!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Oh, thank you so much Leigh! First of all, I consider Sister Schubert’s rolls to be homemade (In her home, not mine). I think everyone will LOVE your choice for the Valentine’s Day menu. It sounds delicious and comforting. I called a family once and told them I was going to bring them a meal due to an illness and they actually said, “could you please not bring chicken?” I was a little put-off at first, but then after I had a baby and got every chicken in the county brought to me, I understood! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and know you are loved!

  • Ha ha, you do have some name confusion going on! Your brother did have a brilliant idea, but how did he ever round up ladies that actually cook anymore? You’re so right, the casserole is a lost art, and the funny part is, I’m pretty sure it came to be because it was not only a way to stretch leftovers, but a shortcut for those busy days when the cows needed milking! We have as much fun cooking as we do eating, and our family would rather stay home than eating out, and the memories are priceless…

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Excellent points! Your family is blessed to have a Mom who blogs about food and entertaining! Betty Crocker is your middle name, and oh . . . if we could all be like that!

  • Dinner on the grounds. Our kids would think that means.. a park and a food truck! True, great fellowship ALWAYS revolves around a casserole.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Food truck! Good one, and so true!

  • Great thoughts. It is becoming a dying thing. I just so happened to have cooked a meal tonight. With my mom being sick and a busy week before that, we had just eaten out until I was sick of it. The kids came by and the meal was a hit, but even greater was the gathering around the table. I remember during the growing up years Mama always invited people to eat at our house.
    You are right too…no blue ribbons for being busy. Food for thought with this post.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Sandy. You are right, time around the table is a good time to remember.

  • Leslie Anne, I love this post…my Mother would never have dreamed of buying food to take to any potluck, or family in grief, or the sick, much less at her own table. I love when our ladies from my church have fellowship that there is plenty of home-made casseroles, salads, and cakes and pies.!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Our mother’s generation had it going on!

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