The Trammell House

April 8, 2013


The Trammell House, Marietta GA
Trammell House, built 1887
Marietta, Georgia
Today, I will tell you about the home of my dearest friend, Rachel. She and her husband Douglas are two of the most kind and creative people you will ever meet. I met Rachel almost 20 years ago when we were both members of the Junior League of Cobb-Marietta in Georgia.
When Rachel and Douglas bought this historic home, it was sadly run down, and divided into 3 apartments. The most amazing thing about the revitalization and restoration of The Trammell House, is that Rachel and Douglas did most of the work themselves.

Here is a link to a previous post I wrote about Douglas and the book he wrote on historic Marietta homes,  “Marietta, The Gem City of Georgia.”

The Trammell House, Marietta, Georgia
The 1949 Roper Stove to the right in this photo was added during renovations.  It was completely refurbished and now works incredibly well.
Through extensive research, and many long, hot days, they were able to replicate the original qualities of the house and bring it back to its once grand state.  The total process took five years.

One thing I like about the finished project, is that even though Rachel stayed true to the style period, she and her amazing decorator, Wallace Bryan of Trinity 131 in Atlanta,  also incorporated a few modern elements as well.

Decorator historic house, Trammell House, Marietta Georgia
This upstairs powder room was originally the back stairs hallway, but was converted when the house was divided into apartments.  Rachel and Douglas decided to keep it in place to add a needed bath. The twig leg table and claw foot tub are typical touches that create a unique style in each room.
Decorator house, Marietta Georgia, Trammell House, Historic home
This glass top Lucite coffee table adds a touch of fun and modernism to this beautiful parlor.
Trammell House, Marietta Georgia, Historic Home
Bold pops of red from their collection of folk art draw your eye into the kitchen.
Trammell House, Marietta, Georgia, Historic Home
A rare photo of Colonel Leander Newton Trammell, the original owner and builder of the house, is displayed over the library fireplace.
To celebrate the 125th anniversary of The Trammell House, Rachel threw a summer ice-cream social that I was fortunate enough to attend. Decendants of Colonel Trammell attended the afternoon so-southern-soiree and loved seeing the beautifully restored home.
The gorgeous interior photos up to this point are all courtesy of Wallace Bryan. Make sure you click over to see her site, which is full of more elegant, yet fun designs.
Trammell House, Marietta GA, Historic House
These last few photos are from Douglas’ book, and were taken by Jim Divitale, who did all the beautiful photography throughout the 6.5 pound book!
The photo above shows the staircase and back door service area.
Marietta Georgia Historic Homes, The Trammell House
This is the dramatic view looking down the stairs towards the front door.
My son slid down the bannister once when Rachel wasn’t looking.
I’m sure Colonel Trammel’s sons did the same.
I would have pinched Little Trammell’s ear too.
Historic House, Marietta GA The Trammell House
And this room is my personal favorite, since it is where I get to stay when I visit.  I feel like Scarlett O’Hara when I’m there. Well, okay, I feel like Scarlett most days of the year, but the room doesn’t hurt.
The 12 foot tall ceilings keep the house so cool during the hot Georgia summers, the air conditioner is rarely needed.  I fall asleep with lightening bugs glowing outside the window and the sound of the train chugging past.
Just like real Georgia Belles did in this same house, 125 years ago.
Click here to view information on “Marietta, Gem City of The South.”
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