The Story of the 14 Bears

June 19, 2013


This is just embarrassing to admit, but I got my love of decorating from a children’s book about bears.
I recently came across my copy, and was so excited to see it.
The Story of Fourteen Bears, written by Evelyn Scott and expertly illustrated by Virginia Parsons, was originally published in 1969 and again in 1973. Have any of you ever seen this
amazingly simple yet engrossing story?
Here’s the fascinating synopsis:  There are a bunch of bears who all have their own
uniquely decorated tree houses.
That’s about it.
This book was the gateway drug for my addiction to Architectural Digest, Southern Veranda and the occasional hit of National Geographic thrown in for the bears.
Each little bear had their own style, and to me . . . it was fascinating.
But here’s the really amazing part of the story. When I started writing this simple little story about my simple little book, I did a quick search and discovered there was a sequel:
The Fourteen Bears – Summer and Winter.
But wait . . . there’s more!
My book is selling on various web sites for as high as $295.00 !!!!
The Summer and Winter version is selling as high as $1,117.00!!!!
Other children’s books in my collection aren’t nearly as valuable, especially one of this fairly recent age. (Remember, I read it as a little girl, so it can’t possibly be OLD!)
 I have vintage Dick and Jane books that don’t fetch these prices. I just don’t get it.
But now that I know it’s worth so much $$$, I’ll take better care of it.
 I still love looking at this book so much, I’m like the bald man who got a
comb for his birthday. . .
I don’t think I’ll ever part with it.
And that’s the story of the fourteen bears.
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