The skin of our teeth and The Trouble with Grits

July 22, 2018


It won the Pulitzer Prize in 1942 for drama — which tells you some prizes are highly subjective. Now, now, simmer down. Theatre 98 did a fine job with this classic play, but The Skin of Our Teeth by the legendary Thornton Wilder just wasn’t my cup of tea. But wait . . . it’s totally worth seeing! I mean, Wilder is also responsible for the amazing “Our Town,” so the guy knew what he was doing. Didn’t he?

The cast consisted of  veteran actors from our community as well as several newcomers, who all did a great job. The play itself was deep — but then, not so much. Funny — but serious, and updated just right to mention Thomas Hospital, Greer’s Market and other local and current day icons — very nice touch.

The baby dinosaur and pachyderm stole the show in many places and added charm to a somewhat strange dress rehearsal I saw to a packed house where one audience member thought it was appropriate to shout out “YES!” “YAY!” “HAHAHAHA!!!” At first, we thought it was part of the show, since the stage is so close to the audience, but then people around us started pointing at and whispering about the vocal audience member. It was very distracting but the actors were professionals and zoomed right through their lines, ignoring the interruptions. In live theatre, there is NEVER — A — DULL — MOMENT. 

Here’s the deal: It’s always good to expand your noggin and try new things. If you never tried a raw oyster, wouldn’t your life be empty and shallow? If you’d never dared spoken to that special someone, wouldn’t your heart be shriveled and cold? If you’re in the Fairhope area, give Thornton Wilder a try and see what you think. You may love the play and tell me how dim I am for not getting the point, or perhaps you’ll agree with me that the acting, set, costumes and sound effects were dazzling, but we could do a better job than Thornton Wilder — hahaha! Now that’s a stretch of an inflated ego, but wouldn’t we have fun discussing how we’d change the ending of the play? Toss the TV remote aside for one night and give something new a try and tell me what you think. I love local theatre, and Theatre 98 never disappoints for an entertaining evening.

Click HERE to go to Theatre 98’s web site for all the dates and details.

Click HERE to order tickets – but act quickly! It’s almost sold out.

And now . . . a double dose of culture with a new book you’re going to love, hot off the press from my Fairhope Writer’s Group co-member, Phyllis Pitman. The Trouble with Grits is Phyllis’ latest book released just this summer, and it’s a charming, sweet tale you’ll love. 

Told through the eyes of a young girl in Mississippi, the story is funny and sweet and follows her through her somewhat ordinary, yet adventurous life. The ordinary parts are made hilarious by Phyllis and you’ll feel like she’s right there telling you the story herself.

And speaking of hearing Phyllis tell you a story, she will be hosting a signing this coming Thursday, July 26th at The Book Cellar at 6:00pm. Click HERE to get all the details on a fun night with a reading by Phyllis and lots of grits, chocolate and wine. Hope to see you there for The Trouble with Grits!






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  1. Live theater is the best and Fairhope seems to have amazing actors.. Thanks for the book review, it sounds like a wonderful read and I will add to my neverending book list. Have a great week!

    1. We really do have our share of wonderful live theatre around here from adults and children. There’s always something for everyone and it’s fun to try it all. You’ll love Phyllis’ book. It’s a clean, funny tale that keeps you turning pages!

  2. I love local theatre! So far this summer we’ve seen two great performances at the Abbeville Opera House, which is the state theatre of S.C. I’m with Pam, adding to this new book to my list!

    Leslie Anne, guess what I got for my birthday? Hint…there are majorettes on the cover! Can’t wait to get on the porch with my sweet tea and start reading!!

    1. How wonderful about the theatre! I’m sure it’s a beautiful place. And happy birthday to you! You must have been a very good girl to get such an awesome gift!!! Hope you like it and hope to meet you someday to sign it for you!

  3. Oh yes, live theatre can be hilarious at times from the unexpected! It is so nice you have a wonderful theatre there. We have it here too. Yes, we are lucky 🙂
    Have a wonderful week……..

  4. Thanks for supporting live theater! There is nothing quite like it! My younger daughter is a professional actor, classically trained. Her career has afforded me the opportunity to see much more live theater than I would have otherwise, and what a great experience it is. I like TV and movies for sure, but live theater really can’t be beat.

  5. Oh I wish I were there to see it! I don’t think I’ve read this Wilder play but my favorite of his is The Long Christmas Dinner, if I’m remembering the name of it exactly. I read it every Christmas and have often thought what a perfect play it would be for a high school senior class to do, and make them really think!

    Grits always gets my attention as I am a grits-aholic. I’m writing down the name of this book!

    1. I’ll have to look up Wilder’s Christmas play. I think I read skin of our teeth either in high school or college, but it is much different when presented on stage. Everyone should see the classic plays at some point and decide for themselves what they think. Glad you are interested in Phyllis’ book. You won’t be disappointed.

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