The Noticer Returns

October 1, 2013


New York Times best selling author and local Baldwin County resident, Andy Andrews, has just released a new book that is likable for so many different reasons, that explaining it will be like taking a starving person to MawMaw’s Country Buffet . . . it doesn’t matter where we start, it’s all going to be good!
The Noticer Returns,” published by Thomas Nelson Publisher, is a sequel to Andrew’s wildly popular, “The Noticer,” which was released in 2009.
The motivational story unfolds to reveal real life snippets of Andrew’s own life, when he was young and homeless, living under a fishing pier in Orange Beach, Alabama. His Cinderella story is true, and the inspirational Fairy Godmother was none other than “Jones,” an older man with wisdom to rival Solomon.
Using carefully chosen words and thought provoking questions, Jones steered Andrews into a quality life of adventure and success in which he never dreamed.
The basic storyline of “The Noticer Returns” is absorbing, and the writing style keeps the reader thinking. Just when one character has your full attention, another pops up, and although they are all different, their circumstances and stories lead to the realization that on some level, our actions always impact each other.
Of course, for those of us who live in this area, there’s also the fun aspect of reading a book that includes references to places and people in our own hometown of Fairhope. But this isn’t just a local book by any means. The story could have just as easily been set in Birmingham, Boston or Bangladesh. (Although I don’t think I can read Bengali, and I know I can read Alabamian, y’all).
“The Boy Who Changed The World”
Another of my favorite Andy Andrews books that I read to our 
5th and 6th grade kids at church. 
Fabulous story!
But no matter where we live, the world is a tough place and “The Noticer Returns” gives common sense, hope and an approach that aims to heal our pain and especially offers guidance to parents. The darkness we feel in our country today can indeed be overcome, and Andrew’s newest book points us in that direction.
Even if your life is all roses, ponies and lollipops right now, “The Noticer Returns” will give you a gentle reminder to appreciate the goodness of what you have been given and make you love that frisky shetland a little more today than yesterday. (Don’t blame Andy for that — those are my corny words. That’s why he has a book and I have a blog).
“So often what we think of as the end is really just another beginning. And all it takes for us to see that is a little dose of perspective.” — Andy Andrews (The one with the deep thoughts and a book, not a blog).
I’ve been hanging around by this pier at the Grand Hotel looking for Jones. 
All I found was this bird, and he didn’t help me a bit.
“The Noticer Returns” is appropriate for all ages. I’ll have my teens read it and they will benefit as much, but in different ways than someone five times older.
Grab a copy of “The Noticer Returns” and let me know how you like it. Then come visit Fairhope and we’ll look for Jones together.

Click here to learn more about Andy Andrews and“The Noticer Returns.”
Although I received an advance copy of this book, the opinions are always mine, mine, mine!

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  1. I’m intrigued; hadn’t heard of Andy Andrews (what a name!) so am looking forward to reading both of the Noticer books! Thanks for introducing us to so many interesting people.

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