The Mill

May 27, 2019


All new yet still fun and delicious!

It was known and loved and admired and talked-about as the one and only . . . Windmill Market. But hey, all good things must come to an end, or in this case, get even better.

The Hammocks

The favorite hang-out and dining spot in Fairhope was transformed last summer when new owners Dr. Wells and Elizabeth Hammock (along with their two hard-working cutie-pie young sons) bought and overhauled the unique facility.

Now known as, “The Mill,” diners can order from one of three different restaurants within the large air-conditioned space, or carry their food outdoors to eat picnic-style while listening to live music or watch the kids play games.

Wide open seating lets everyone mix together for a party atmosphere, or huddle together at a side table for business meetings. An indoor play area is fun for the little tykes and for the grown ups, there’s “Taps,” a bar with beer, wine and the madatory champagne because there’s always a reason to celebrate!

Specialty nights with live music, trivia contests and food trucks keep The Mill hoping with activity. It’s the perfect place to go with out-of -town friends who want a slice of small town friendly folks because you’ll always run into someone you know, or just start talking to total strangers (we do that around here, don’t be alarmed).

In one day, you’ll find a sampling of everyone at The Mill. Business people having powerful globe-changing meetings, kids with ice-cream smeared faces, and students cramming for a test with burgers all around.

Busy day and night (check before you go on a Monday, because everyone needs a nap sometimes – but Mary Ann’s will be open, that place runs on energy and sweet tea!), it will be the most popular indoor space on hot summer days and dreamy summer nights for movies under the stars. Trivia, bingo, live music and hoola-hoops. What more could you want for entertainment?

Here are the highlights

Sundae School — I’ll give you three hints as to what they serve. (1. Chocolate 2. Vanilla 3. Sprinkles).

For a little splurge, I had the Ox burger with a side of mac and cheese. Excellent!

Ox Kitchen uses fresh, local ingredients and has one of the most interesting, tasty burgers I’ve ever had. A simple yet flavor-rich menu with upscale taste and family-style prices. Owner Bo Hamilton served us himself and you could tell he was passionate about serving great food.

Mary Ann’s Deli

If you’re in the mood for an old local favorite, Mary Ann’s Deli stands ready as it has for years to offer a perfect sandwich or a scoop of their famous chicken salad. “I’ll meet you at Mary Ann’s” is something locals say at least once a week or so.

Cereal Killer has an interesting brunch-themed menu that keeps loyal fans coming back for specialty sandwiches, bowls and tots, all done in such a fun way, you’ll pick up your phone to text 20 best friends to tell them about your taco.

And one last inside-tip I’ll give you . . . The front steps of The Mill are the best place to stand for local parades. (Just don’t tell anyone else). ​

Find The Mill information HERE and visit them at 85 N. Bancroft Street in lovely downtown Fairhope.

  • Karyn Tunks says:

    Now that I’m an expert on windmills, I’m kind of bummed that they changed the name. BUT happy to see all these new businesses and opportunities for eating!

    • Wear your little dutch clogs and you’ll still love the good food choices. They may even give you some tulips!

  • The Ox Kitchen makes a very good burger. It’s worth waiting for. However, the inside dining area for The Mill is so loud to the point of being unpleasant. We actually moved to an outside table because of that.

    MaryAnn’s is a long time establishment and has good food.

    The name of the “other” food place is so off-putting that I will not even type it. Wouldn’t eat there just because of that If that is someone’s idea of a clever name it is very offensive and nothing funny about it.

    Just my $.02 and we spend $$ in Fairhope!

    You have a nice blog, and give locals a chance to comment!

    • I’ve heard children playing a few times I ate indoors, but not every time. Overall, it was pretty cozy and happy children never bother me. If they had a “whining area,” I’d avoid it for sure, but laughter was kind of like a little floor show while I ate. I didn’t think about the name of the “other place” being anything but a nod to breakfast, since it’s spelled differently and then I was so mesmerized by their tots, I just forgot about it. But thank goodness for you, Mary Ann’s has it’s own entrance and seating area, so that solves it all! Hope you enjoy The Mill and thanks for reading.

      • Hey Leslie, just to clarify – it wasn’t children who were making all the noise inside – it was adults getting very loud! In all fairness, they probably got louder and louder to be heard! No, I don’t have a problem with children talking, laughing and playing but I prefer enjoying a lunch out treat without a super-noisy environment.

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