The Joy Choir

February 26, 2016


The Joy Choir, Leslie Anne TarabellaIn addition to some first-class Holy Rollers, Southern churches have also produced some mighty fine musicians, with many of the big-time stars giving credit to their religious roots for introducing them to the basics of music. But it doesn’t matter how many Grammys these stars have won, nor how many thousands of screaming fans their concerts have attracted, because the most love they’ve ever felt from any crowd, was the day they sang in Big Church as a member of the Joy Choir.


The Joy Choir

The Joy Choir takes the youngest and cutest little saints and teaches them the basics of making a joyful noise unto the Lord. You can find them rehearsing in churches all over Dixie on Wednesday nights, marching around the choir room, clacking rhythm sticks and jingling bells. Their enthusiasm can be heard clear upstairs where the Lady’s Prattle and Prayer group meets.


Music, The Joy ChoirWhen the Joy Choir sings in church, you have to arrive early to find a good seat. Wide eyed tykes are led to the front of the sanctuary as the congregation stretches their necks to get a good look at the cutest little Christians this side of heaven. In the old days the children wore white robes with big red bows under their chins, but nowadays it’s more common to see the cuties wearing their own clothes – boys in freshly pressed shirts, some with a sharp looking blazer and bow tie, and little girls in frilly dresses with coordinating hair bows. (Everyone knows the size of the bow reflects the love of the Mama).


The Joy Choir, Leslie Anne Tarabella

There’s always one child who has been blessed with the special talent of singing the loudest (and usually off-key), and is destined to someday become the county’s football Coach of the Year. Another young’un will praise the Lord by singing and picking his nose at the same time, which horrifies his family as they vigorously shake their heads and mouth the words, “NO! STOP!” This child will someday grow up to

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