The Game’s Afoot

July 20, 2015



DSC02806Oh – my–gracious! I was fortunate enough to see a preview of Theatre 98‘s newest production, and I truly, truly LOVED it! Above, Director Joe Fuselli is introducing the play to the audience and thankfully (in this day and age) warning us of a couple of loud popping gun sounds, which proved to be exciting, not frightening at all.

Theatre 98, Fairhope AL“The Game’s Afoot,” written by Ken Ludwig is promoted as a mystery “who-done-it” type of plot, which didn’t really sound intriguing to me if I tell the truth (which I always do), but I missed one important word in the description . . . comedy.

Theatre 98, Fairhope ALI can’t remember when I last had so much fun at a theatre production. The audience was almost rolling – literally, on the floor, completely in stitches at the clever interpretation of the mystery.

Joyce Vath, Theatre 98 Fairhope ALAll the actors were fabulous, but Joyce Vath really caught my attention, mainly because I’ve known Joyce as an avid volunteer in Fairhope and also as a friend of my radio partner, Tod Johnson. During intermission, I said to Tod, “I have a feeling Joyce has been on stage before.” “Oh, darlin’,” Tod replied, “Joyce was on Broadway for five years!”

Is this town ever short on remarkable people? (nope).

Theatre 98, Fairhope ALThe story takes place in 1936 amid glamour and high fashion. The costumes and set reflected this and I absolutely thought the stage never looked more intriguing.

By the way, these photos were taken by my youngest son, who accompanied me with a slight hesitancy, but ended up loving the play and confessed he liked it “waaaaay more” than he thought he would. Hmmm. Listen to your Mom?

Theatre 98 Fairhope ALAnother fabulous performance was by Leslie Johnson who played the mother, Martha Gillette.  Behind her are the ever-so-proper Simon and Aggie played by the talented Ryan Peacock and Margaret Delaney.

Theatre 98, Fairhope AlabamaNow I’m going to ask you a question. Are you stuck in a rut? Do you find yourself always saying you’d like to try something new, but you never do? Now’s your chance to get up off the dusty davenport and move your bohunkus out of the house and go support LOCAL ART! This is one of Theatre 98‘s finest moments and you won’t regret leaving the blasted TV set for one night.


If you aren’t in the Fairhope area, I know you have something fun and artsy to do in your town as well. Support the local theaters, galleries, lemonade stands (I just threw that in, but I do think lemonade stands are very important businesses to support), concerts and anything else that brings art and beauty into your community.

Theatre 98, Fairhope ALThe amazing cast also included quick-witted Jon Robitalle (sound familiar? HERE) who played Felix Geisel,  John Shoulders as the dashing William Gillette, and wonderful Heather Delker (loved her curls) who played the role of beautiful and spirited Marge Geisel. The smaller, but pivotal and well-played character of Inspector Goring was perfectly played by Teri Odell.

Comb your hair, grab your keys, and get ready to go out for a night of fun – you won’t regret it!
The Game’s Afoot will play July 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, and August, 1, 2. Click HERE to see Theatre 98’s web site for information on how to get a ticket.
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