Thankful for creativity

November 22, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year, for the Thanksgiving issue of the paper, I decided to focus on something we don’t normally think about when we consider what we’re thankful for. Something we all have, but often forget to use — our gift of creativity. 

Creative people draw, paint and sculpt. But there are also imaginative dancers, weavers and architects. Have you ever considered how much creativity it takes to organize a closet, navigate the sea, garden, or even make the perfect deviled egg? Sticking to a household budget is quite often a huge gift of ingenuity.

I believe we come by our creative talents through heredity. When we connect the dots and realize we are created in the image of the ultimate creator, we suddenly understand the power within, and why, as humans, we all have the desire to create.

The “I can’t draw a straight line” kind of people will moan about their lack of creativity, but often, they’re the exact ones who have reinvigorated failing businesses, repaired motors, and mastered foreign languages. We sell ourselves short, and maybe even disappoint the one who gave them to us, when we downplay, ignore or belittle our gifts of innovation.

With the world in chaos and the daily news seemingly reporting nothing but tragedy and scandal, we can be thankful for the creative streak that runs through our hearts. By refocusing on the simple gifts within, we can tap into contentment amidst turbulent times.  One friend has brushed off her sewing machine to make  . . .  click HERE to finish reading the story at ALcom. 

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