TexarBama BBQ

July 12, 2018


I kind of hate to tell you about how fabulous the new location of TexarBama BBQ is because Southern women know when it comes to a good hairdresser, a good babysitter, a good man or good BBQ, you have to protect your territory or else everyone will be swarming around your hive.

Knowing how much I rave about good BBQ and how bad BBQ has almost ruined my LIFE (Here) I’m thrilled to let you know of a FABULOUS and DELICIOUS BBQ restaurant in Fairhope. TexarBama BBQ has actually been here for a few months in a smaller location and was limited mainly to their food truck, which I think gave them a little bit of a challenge and some customers weren’t pleased.

But TexarBama has recently relocated to the old Gumbo Shack/El Camino location on Fairhope Avenue – behind some other shops (locals have the advantage because y’all know where I’m talking about).


With their new location comes a new cooking, grilling and smoking area along with indoor/outdoor seating.


The night we visited, I ordered the brisket taco with pickled red onion and candied bacon toppings. No lie, when I woke up the next morning, even before I got out of bed, I told Bob, “I want to go back and get another brisket taco today.” At dinner the previous night, I didn’t think the taco would be enough to fill me up, so I ordered a second pork taco with lime slaw and crumbled chicharrones. I took a small taste of it and although  it was equally  delicious,  I couldn’t eat as much as I thought  because the tacos were huge.  I decided to take the pork taco home with me, and of course, Joseph the bottomless teenager ate it within minutes.


The sauce “station” is serve-yo-self and offers a tangy mustard base, a savory red sauce, a version of the famous North-Alabama white sauce (which is better than the original place up in Decatur, I think) and jalapeño.


I wasn’t wild about the food being served directly on a plastic tray, but when you love BBQ,  you learn to do without the Lennox and Waterford. (Oh, the agony!) The sandwich in the foreground was for Bob and the corn salad on the left was also absolutely amazing. Bob was healthy and took the top slice of bread off and ate it as an open-faced sandwich, which was great because then I used the thick, soft white bread to sop up the sauce — but  did it quite daintily.


Like I said earlier, I  kind of hate to rave about TexarBama BBQ too much because I’m afraid word will get out and they’ll be sold out the next time I want to go.

Think I’m kidding? Here’s a picture from their facebook page . . .

Think I’m selfish now?  Try TexarBama BBQ for yourself the next time you are in Fairhope, and just remember to go early — and ask them to save some for me!

Click HERE to see TexarBama’s Facebook page which has all the details and directions.

Give me time to catch my breath and I’ll update my FAIRHOPE RESTAURANTS page to include this updated review. 

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