July 5, 2016


Tomato pie - Leslie Anne TarabellaJuly means fireworks, days at the beach and  . . . fresh tomato pie. I put a twist on the Southern staple by giving it an Italian flavor for my husband’s love of all Italian food. It turned out to be the very BEST T-Pie ever!

Using the newspaper (after you’ve carefully read every word and removed my column for your scrapbook), cover a section with paper towels and let your tomatoes drain. Salt and pepper while they sit for a few minutes.


Tomato pie - Leslie Anne TarabellaSince I was on my way to a fancy party of some kind or the other, I used the pre-chopped onions so as not to stink-up my delicate hands and make my eyes a soggy mess. A spoonful of chopped garlic was added and zapped in the microwave for a few minutes. This really is the speedy way to go. 


Tomato pie - Leslie Anne TarabellaI used three cheeses, about 1/2  to 1 cup each, of asiago, parmesan, and mozzarella along with fresh basil.


Duke's Mayonnaise for Tomato pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella1/2 cup of Dukes Mayonnaise and two eggs were mixed together in a bowl, keeping some of the cheese out for the topping.

Tomato pie - Leslie Anne TarabellaHere’s the secret ingredient. Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Pizza & Pasta Magic. It’s a combination of Italian spices that also adds a tiny touch of crushed red pepper for a little kick.

*update – several of you had trouble finding the Pizza and Pasta Magic, and after I bought it, I couldn’t find it again, but any pizza/Italian seasoning should work. This one is just very good.

Tomato pie - Leslie Anne TarabellaHomegrown!  Layer the drained tomatoes with the cheese/mayo mixture.


Tomato pie - Leslie Anne TarabellaTop with cheese and another sprinkling of basil. (I also had fresh oregano growing and totally forgot to use it, but wouldn’t that have been good?).

Tomato pie - Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd look at this bubbling, toasty, cheesy treat! The addition of the traditional Italian ingredients almost made it like a deep dish pizza.


Tomato pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella

The boys in the house actually loved it much more than my regular tomato pie, so once again, my mixed marriage of Southern/Northern/American/Italian has found another way to settle into our everyday lives. Mangiare bene, y’all!


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