Sunbonnet Sue

June 4, 2013


Sunbonnet Sue Quilt, handmade craft, Fairhope Supply Co.
I can sew just enough to really appreciate the work that goes into a beautiful handmade quilt.
The quilt you see above, was made by my Great Grandmother who lived in North Alabama. It’s a small, baby sized quilt and the pattern is called, “Sunbonnet Sue.”
Our family quilt has hung for years at my Aunt’s house, and now it belongs to a cousin. (I think – need to make sure someone knows where it is!)
I loved looking at each lady on the quilt since I was a little girl.
Sunbonnet Sue quilt
Granny made one girl hold a birthday cake, one has her parasol snatched away by the wind, and one is watering her garden.
sunbonnet sue
There are picked flowers, baskets of berries . . .
sunbonnet sue quilt
seeds being planted, cleaning and washing to do.
handmade quilt
The parasol blowing away was a favorite. She was dropping her little purse too.
Sunbonnet Sue
The background is pink with a blue border.
Sunbonnet Sue Quilt pattern, Fairhope Supply Co.
All the fabric she used was from other sewing projects she had finished.
Waste not, want not.
Sunbonnet Sue quilt pattern, Fairhope Supply Co.
So, where are the girls with the ipad, cell phone, tennis racquet and yoga mat?
Enough with this simple, clean, wholesome stuff. Get with the times!
Do you have any old family quilts? Have you ever seen the Sunbonnet Sue pattern?
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