Summer notes

July 5, 2018


First of all . . . Who remodeled my Target? They act like it’s a good thing. This has caused mass chaos with all the tight-white jean wearing Moms in town. What a way to start the summer! WTP?? Where’s the popcorn?


NOTES ON THE GARDEN: If I had a dime for every tomato, fig or blueberry I’ve picked so far this summer, I’d be a screaming bazillionaire! The photo above is how many figs I pick each day.  I guess it’s the rain mixed with the intense heat that creates the perfect steam bath for plants. And WOW! Does it ever feel great! I’m cracking up at these Northerners crying on the news about it being 93° where they live and, “Oh, the humidity is haaawribuul!” The next time it snows down here, I don’t want to hear a word about it from them.


With Jeff Lovingood at Pensacola Little Theatre.

NOTES ON ENTERTAINMENT: Bob and I ran over to see The Odd Couple performed at Pensacola Little Theatre. Our friend from Fairhope, Jeff Lovingood was in the cast, and he was wonderful! Jeff is so animated and completely becomes his character. He’s so fun to watch!  It turns out that a friend from high school, Kathy Holsworth is the Artistic Director of the theatre and I’m  not surprised. She was always creative, and I’m sure they all love her there. It was only a little over an hour drive for us, so I hope we can attend another show in the future! There’s plenty of parking and the building is beautiful. Totally worth the drive from Alabama!


AND A MOVIE: Like most people, I have fairly icky feelings about the personal life of Woody Allen, but I can’t help but love how he tells a story. His movie, Wonder Wheel received poor reviews by some, but I don’t usually trust Hollywood’s opinions. Bob and I watched it on Netflix (I think) and it reminded me of one of my favorite stories, The Great Gatsby. A different sort of storyline with complicated love affairs (and Justin Timberlake  — Oooo!!) all set in the background of a hot steamy summer at Coney Island. Beautiful costumes and sets. Naughty words every now and then (It’s NY), and grown-up situations, but I’d let my mom watch it.

Little brother behind us thinking, “Just wait till I’m here next year.”

NOTES ON BOYS: Joseph will be leaving for college in just a few weeks. If you ask him, he can tell you exactly how many days, hours and minutes until he’s a student at Samford. Harrison graduated and has his first job in Birmingham as the Director of Creative Media at a large ministry for teens and loves it. I’m glad both boys will be together in Birmingham. Little bit of sadness +little bit of excitement = ripping noise in my heart.


NOTES ON LIFE: I’m feeling better and better since my heart procedure and my energy is still increasing every day — but . . .  my dad has been very sick, so I’ve been trying to spend time with him and have been busy traveling to their house to help my mom. It makes me sad to see a high-energy person like him stuck in a low-energy body, but he’s so brave and has learned the difficult- rotten-terrible  beauty of leaning on others.

And that’s my summer so far. How are things for you?


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