Spicy Hot Crackers

May 29, 2013


Saltine crackers. The other white bread.
My Mom knows I love salty, spicy things. She likes chocolatey sweetness, so it took great kindness and understanding for her to make these crackers for me.
“Spicy Hot” is what she calls them. “Delicious” is what I say.
I think I owe that woman a chocolate cake.

I know Jeff Foxworthy fans would think using saltine crackers as an appetizer is a pretty redneck move, but who says I’m taking these anywhere in public? I’m keeping them all for myself.
If you’ve never made Spicy Hot Crackers, here’s the simple but savory recipe.
Spicy Hot Crackers

Make a “sauce” using 1 1/4 cup oil (Mom uses canola), with one package of the dry Fiesta Ranch dressing mix and 2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper flakes. 
Place saltine crackers in a deep bowl, one sleeve at a time, and coat by tossing gently with the oil mixture. 
Line two baking sheets with foil and spread crackers out in a single layer. Bake at 250° oven for 20 – 25 minutes until crisp, turning over half way through the baking time. 
Simple. Basic. Very, very salty.
And they don’t appear to be quite so common when you put them on a pretty plate!
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