Are Southern women prettier?

April 6, 2017


You’ve heard it before, but are afraid to say it aloud for fear of sounding boastful. Southern women are prettier than others. But wait just a cotton pickin’ minute. Is it true? Are we really prettier? I’ll let you in on a little secret. We’re not. Everyone just has that illusion because the truth is, we only try harder. Our secret weapon for loveliness, passed down by generations of Southern ladies, is our ability to make the best out of what we have, or in other words, “effort.”


Yolanda Betbeze Fox – Miss Alabama / Miss America 1951


The twins, Bayer and Bryant were mad at their mama for spending so much money on their little sister, Crimpsen. “Mama, you know me-n-Bryant need new baseball gloves, but you said we’d have to wait, and now she gets to to sign up for dumb old Miss Carol’s School of Baton Twirling? That ain’t fair!”


Heather Whitestone McCallum Miss Alabama / Miss America 1995

“First of all young man, don’t say, “ain’t, second of all, it’s ‘Bryant and I,’ and third of all, girls need these classes so they’ll know how to carry themselves in public someday. If she can learn to twirl, march and smile at the same time, there’s nothing that can stop her.”

Meg McGuffin Miss Alabama / Miss America 2016

The children’s mother was right. Even though Dixie darlings have the reputation of being the most beautiful women in the world, the truth is, we work at it, starting at an early age. Just like granny produced a feast from a cup of flour and a skinny chicken during the depression, if she works hard, Beulah Mae can clean up real nice-like and get a date for the dance.

The first line of the Southern classic, “Gone With the Wind” comes right out and admits it. “Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm as the Tarleton twins were.”

Those Tarleton twins, God love them. They fell for the oldest trick in the book. Scarlett had spent all morning squeezing her size two self into a size zero corset, pinched her cheeks and worked on her . . .  click HERE to finish reading the story at

  • Oh Lawdy! I even put on a light foundation on my face, when walking with my friend in the dark at 6AM. Bless my heart. And I always heard of Texas beauties, then we moved here…I still miss my lovely Louisiana ladies. I always have to bump up my game when I go back to my home state. Don’t get me wrong, Texas does have beauties, but church on Sunday, just isn’t the same. Most are headed to a soccer game right after, but come on ladies. Loved this post and I am going right now to put my on my pearls!

    • You’ve brought a tear of joy to my eye to know there are still such good people on this earth. Hold up the standards!

  • Cute post. I knew it would bring out the comments. I think we just try harder in the south. We know a little color on the lips and a pleasant outfit even if just running to the grocery store goes a long way.

  • Here’s the thing, Southern women are smart. They figured out a long time ago that sweet goes a lot further than sour, and add a little helping of grace and kindness and you’ve conquered the world. Nothing anti feminist here, just embracing the advantages God gave us…who doesn’t prefer a smile and a batted lash over a rant…

  • I’m so mad at my mama. I never had twirlin’ lessons. No wonder!

    Long may they live, Leslie Anne, these Southern women you write so well about!

    • Bless you Dewena. Don’t stay mad at mama long. She must have known you have other far superior talents!

  • I have never lived anywhere but the beautiful state of Alabama and raised by my lovely Southern Mom, we do work hard at looking our best! Fun read!

  • Lora Roberts says:

    Over the years, I have met people from all over the country – they have always said Southern girls are prettier than the girls back home. I would just tell them “bless your heart”!

  • Ellen Shook says:

    Interesting question: Vivian Leigh WAS actually quite beautiful and she was a Brit, so we can’t really use her as a yardstick, although she is the face we associate with Scarlet O’Hara who is our icon somewhere not far from Mother Mary. Something I did notice back when I lived in Texas was that even quite homely women routinely became swans instead of ugly ducklings through the extensive use of every tool in the Beauty Bible, much more so than in any other parts of the South. This probably explains why Texas has so many beauty contest winners (aside from South America, of course, where there is a plastic surgeon on every corner — Texas is not far behind, though). Having said that, I have met a lot of people in my life who always say that Southern women ARE the most beautiful. I think we still put more value on femininity and softness (think Steel Magnolia), perhaps more than in any other parts of the country. When I lived in Colorado, there were men who informed me regularly that they didn’t like Southern women at all because they acted so helpless, and then proceeded to take me out for dinner at an expensive restaurant. Southern women also age better because we don’t have to brazen horrible freezing snowy weather in the wintertime. So — the short answer is “Yes, I think Southern Women are more beautiful, probably for the reasons you mention: we try harder.”

    • Shirley Miles says:

      I’m from German / Dutch { like Amish}
      And I quaranteeee the north east coast had no soft features per se

      First time ,in mid 1950s,was landing in Atlanta , the south appeared
      !!!! Next stop Mississippi and beauty blossomed

      • Mississippi always has beauties! I loved Fannie Flagg’s book, Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man where the main character becomes Miss Mississippi!

    • I remember reading somewhere that Vivian Leigh was a controversial choice for Scarlett because she was, “too pretty!” I wonder what Margaret Mitchell thought of the casting choice. Great points Ellen!

  • I know all about Southern women, I raised two even though I am not one. It is so funny when my Northern friends meet them and they can’t believe that I have two with a Southern drawl. Cute post, Leslie Anne. Have a good weekend.

    • Well, you are so beautiful, and I don’t think it takes much effort on your part at all!

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