Southern Valentine

February 13, 2015


Shell heartIt’s not that Southern love is necessarily any better than other regions . . .


Love y'all

we just have a different way of expressing it.

butter on my grits

“Gimme’ some sugar” isn’t about the white granular substance you buy in a bag at Piggly Wiggly.

Rhett Butler

And of course, Rhett Butler had a way with words (swoon).

(Thanks, Margret Mitchell).


newMardi-tines DayAnd there are many years on the Gulf Coast (like this year) our Valentine’s wishes are crossed with Mardi Gras wishes.



So honey-pie . . .

Valentine Lois enjoy your holiday, with someone you love.


Southern Valentines And be sure to check out more fun Southern Valentines on the Pinterest board HERE!


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