A Southern Belle Soldier

August 7, 2014


This article is a bit different than most I write for my column,” Southern with a Gulf Coast accent.” The story resulted when I met a beautiful young girl who I thought must be on her way to college. Little did I know what bravery her future plans involved.


Simcah Antar poses with the children she teaches at the Eastern Shore Summer art camp. Her life will soon take a drastic change.

Strong connections are being forged as parents across the country share the time – honored ritual of helping their children pack for college. Joining this rite of passage, Fairhope residents Shaul and Joy Antar are also helping their daughter gather items she’ll need for her journey, but instead of packing sundresses and sandals for sorority rush, Simcha will be packing only her basic necessities as she reports for duty in the Israeli Army.

The 2012 graduate of Fairhope High School is now 21 years old and was born and raised in small town Alabama, but because . . . CLICK HERE to read more.


“Southern with a Gulf Coast Accent” can be found in these fine newspapers: The Courier, The Foley Onlooker, The Islander, The Baldwin Times, The Independent, and now . . . CLICK HERE to see an extra story at my new home in the Sumter Item!


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  1. What an inspiring story! If not for brave people like her, the world would be in more chaos than it is. Best wishes for Simcah’s safety. I hope you’ll do a follow-up story one day.

  2. This is a fascinating and amazing story. May God keep her safe. I agree with Dixie; I do hope you can follow up with Simcah and her family.

  3. Can you imagine! I love that you found this girl to tell her story, such courage. As Dixie says, wishing her a safe journey as she follows her heart. Please do follow up and I love the title you gave your story………

  4. Wow! I’m so impressed with this young woman! What a great article about her. It’s so nice to see someone with a strong character and sense of duty…especially a young person! I will pray for this young lady and all of Israel. Thanks for featuring her Leslie Anne and I will look forward to updates…:)

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