Sketching the Castle

August 4, 2014


Picasso art for children
Picasso face.

I spent last week teaching two children’s art classes at the Eastern Shore Art Center. Fun, fun, fun, with laughs to spare!


The first class was all about Picasso. On the third day of class, one little girl said, “Why do we keep talking about Cablo Piclasso so much?”


Art class Eastern Shore Art CenterThe second class was all about buildings and architecture. They may have been young, but they really got into drawing and creating their own buildings. Especially with marshmallows.



Fairytale Castle in Fairhope AL

On the last day of class, we walked across the street to tour Fairhope’s Mosher Castle.

Why, of course we have a castle downtown, don’t you?


 fairytale castle in Fairhope AL

Built by the late Fairhope artist Craig Sheldon, it is now occupied by his daughter, popular dance instructor Pagan, and her husband, artist Dean Mosher. Although it’s  a private residence, Dean has told me sightseers have often walked right in, thinking it is a public building. The Moshers are so relaxed and hospitable about it all. I would have a screaming fit if someone just walked right in to my castle! (I would make a “throne” joke here if I were that kind of person).


The children did a fabulous job sketching the stones and creative additions to the walls. It never fails to amaze me how children can absorb what they experience. They are truly like sponges. While keeping busy sketching the goldfish pond in the photo above, there was great confusion over why they were called “gold fish” and not the more obvious and practical “orange fish.”

Mosher Fairytale Castle Fairhope AL

The exterior of the castle has added pieces including fragments from the Berlin Wall . . . and then there’s also a frog or two.

Mosher Fairytale Castle in Fairhope AL

The festive boxcar also had to be inspected for trolls and fairies, because it was a creative, magical kind of week.

. . . and we all lived happily ever after.


CLICK HERE to read more about the Mosher Castle which has been featured on HGTV.


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