Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

February 25, 2020


Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday and of course, Mardi Gras. It’s the one last day to celebrate before Lent begins the next day on Ash Wednesday. Old traditions of using up rich foods like butter, eggs and milk before sacrificing on plainer foods during Lent led to the last-minute pancake feast. “Shrove” comes from the old English word, “Shriven” which means to say you are sorry, or a confession of sorts, which is what you do before beginning the season of Lent. 

Several churches in our area have started hosting pancake breakfasts on this day, but with Mardi Gras being such a big deal here (remember, Mobile Alabama was the birthplace of American Mardi Gras, so our schools are on holiday and many businesses are closed), most people focus on the party with Moon Pies and beads rather than a pancake breakfast. 

I love a good breakfast, but have to admit not liking to jump into the kitchen first thing in the morning, so I confess, we had this pancake stack as our supper last night. I snapped a few photos because it all looked so pretty. I love having breakfast for supper.

And then comes Lent. Sorrow for what we’ve done, and hope for a fresh start with the beauty of Easter only 40 days away. Giving up something or taking on a new challenge. A task that reminds us daily of the ultimate sacrifice and redemption of Easter.

Refocusing and trying to do better. That’s what I’ve been taking away from church lately . . . do better. 

Matthew 5:44 — easy for you perhaps, but I’ve never been a fan . . .

44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

So in a world of sickness, disasters, terrorists, and political anger, I’ll spend each day during Lent doing better. Once a day, I’ll pray for someone I don’t like. I don’t want to call them “enemies” because I don’t see them that way. They’re just people I know who have gone rancid. They’ve become angry about the world and feel like it’s okay to take it out on others. They may just need a little help handling things. 

 Praying for one cantankerous person during lent will be a journey for me, not them. I'll have to repeat names because thank goodness, there aren't 40 of them. It won’t be as sweet as pancakes, but surely it will be satisfying in other ways. 

Happy Mardi Gras, and wishes for a meaningful Lenten season. 

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