Should I buy this air fryer?

May 16, 2020


Cuisinart Air Fryer
Cuisinart Air fryer, Convection Toaster Oven

Thanks for checking on me — all who noticed I didn’t have a column in this week’s paper. I needed take a week off to take care of some family things.

I’ve been thinking about getting an Air Fryer because to fry foods without using oil must be God’s best gift to the South since air-conditioning. Either that, or hot-rollers.

Air Fryer ideas from Cooking Light
From Cooking Light — “55 Air Fryer recipes you need to try.”

I didn’t like my Instapot at all, but I love my Crockpot. So, I’m not really sure if I’d like an Air Fryer. The Cuisinart Air Fryer in the photo above is the model I’m considering. I like that it’s also a convection and toaster oven. Do any of you have any suggestions? Does using your Air Fryer make you feel healthier? I’m thinking I can eat fried cheese every day now with ZERO calories, right? Click on the link with the shrimp photo for Cooking Light’s list of “55 Air Fryer recipes you need to try.” They look so delicious!

Clarity Blue Dianella

This photo of my Clarity Blue Dianella got a lot of attention on my Instagram account. It’s so unusual and has bright purple berries in the Spring. It’s from the Southern Living Plant Collection and the ornamental plant usually looks like the top of a pineapple.

Clarity Blue Dianella

This is what the entire plant looks like. That’s my Lion standing guard against the virus. He also wears bunny ears at Easter. When we moved into this house, Bob said, “We’re getting rid of those lions, right?” “You’ve got to be kidding!” I told him. “They look like the Phi Mu lions from college.” They stayed. My old lady alumnae sorority friends come over and we sing songs to them while holding candles.

Oyster Po' Boy from Tamara's Downtown Restaurant in Fairhope, Alabama.

And speaking of an Air Fryer, this is what I’d want to duplicate. It’s an oyster po’ boy from Tamara’s Downtown Restaurant in Fairhope. I’ve been dreaming about this sandwich since I’ve been locked away in the castle. I finally ventured out for a real restaurant lunch, and it was even more delicious than I remembered. The employees were so respectful, spreading out the tables, cleaning like crazy and wearing masks. I know masks are bothersome, but it’s so nice to protect people who may need extra consideration.

Our church is meeting for the first time in months this Sunday, so I’m excited to get out and see everyone, even though we’ll be spread out into two buildings and wearing masks. It will be wonderful to be together again.

Thanks for the tips if you’ve used an air fryer. I hope you are all well and doing fun things, and I’ll be back in the paper next week.

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  1. Used my new Air Fryer for the first time tonight. I think I should have throughly read the instructions first. Not too happy with my first attempt but will try again.

  2. I like the looks of this looks better then the other ones I have seen. Wish I had the space for one.

    1. That’s been a big concern – I don’t like my counters cluttered up. I think if I move a few things around I can find a good spot for it. Thanks Kathy!

  3. I haven’t loved my instant pot either and have thought about an air fryer. Do you know of anyplace that would take a trade in?

  4. I bought that exact air fryer based on many reviews from friends. I have used it twice, and believe that my results will improve as I use it more, but there is definitely a learning curve.

  5. I don’t buy all the latest kitchen appliances so I don’t have the fryer. This is one I am considering so I’ll be watching to see if you invest in one. I also like the looks of this one, some look like aliens, ugh. I’m hearing it takes practice and I have no patience so not sure it’s for me. Good luck with this….

    1. Oh, now that you’ve mentioned “patience,” I’m having to rethink this idea. I’ll give you a full report if I get one. My old cast iron pot I use for frying is looking pretty simple now.

  6. I got an air fryer for Christmas a couple of years ago, and my son got one too. We tried both fryers numerous times, with different things and were never impressed. Plus they take up a lot of counter space, which might be justified if it’s a 3 in 1 appliance…I’m sure they’ve improved in the last 2 years, but I don’t think you’re going to replicate that oyster poor boy…we returned both fryers and when we want something fried, we do it the old fashioned way!

    1. Since you have such a wonderful and practical cooking blog, I was hoping I’d hear from you. Saddness clouds are forming over my head because your word is gold for all things kitchen related. Hmmm. More research needed.— Optimism and delusion are setting in. Decisions, decisions. Thanks Jenna.

  7. Good Day!
    Purchased my air fryer at Christmas, and even got one for my daughter. It is small and light blue and we love it! Crock pot in cabinet! Want just enough fries, any cut or curl, for two? Put a handful in and enough to go with the dawg or burger, no grease!
    Clue, turn it on before hand for five to warm it up! Oh, it was $19.95. Enjoy

    1. Now that’s a good deal. The infomercials make it look so easy and everything turns out perfect. I like your tip about warming it up first. Thanks Arlene.

  8. They sound like a wonderful idea and if I had room for it I would get one. That po’ boy alone sounds worth trying one. When we downsized I left my crock pot and toaster oven with my daughter-in-law but I still have to keep my food processor out on the counter. Anything that’s not out won’t get used, by me anyway. I love that beautiful plant! I’ve never seen or heard of it before. And I love your lion! Maybe I could make a mini-mask for the big rooster in my garden?

    I hope your church service this morning was wonderful to be in! There must have been much rejoicing. I remember the Sunday after 9/11 when church was packed during that bittersweet time.

    1. I would use my food processor all the time if it were out on the counter. Have you ever seen Paula Deen’s kitchen that has the built in fryer and other appliances? That would be so handy! The Dianella plant is new to me as well. Our landscaper recommended it and it’s really pretty. Happy Sunday to you!

  9. Like the guy on TV says “pork fat rules!”. We use the convection mode on our regular oven for some things, but it’s hard to beat the flavor that oil gives to fried food. We’re both old and kinda chunky so calories don’t worry us much.

    As far as the Insta-Pot, it is great for dried beans and stew, etc cooked in 45 minutes. Lately she has been making cheese cakes and yogurt in it. Handy to have a computer controlled pressure cooker for quick meals.

    Like everybody else, there is a pile of appliances taking up space in the cabinets so probably won’t opt for the air frier any time soon.

    1. Yes, I’m also a big fan of real fried foods in grease. I told Bob recently that if I die, he can’t remarry anyone who doesn’t keep a jar of bacon grease in the refrigerator. That kind of woman would throw out all of my pearls! (The heathen). Anyway . . . I’ll give a full review if I get the air fryer.

  10. I don’t have an air fryer, instapot, or even a crock pot, but I cook all the time. I love my Southern food the old-fashion way, on top of my gas stove. I am excited that we will return to church this coming Sunday. I loved the Instagram photo of you and your hubby! Stay safe!

    1. It was great being back in church, even though it was a strange set-up. The staff did everything possible to make us feel comfortable and I didn’t mind wearing a mask. We were able to take them off once seated far away from others. And yes, then we came home to cook dinner the old fashioned way like you. Stovetop on the gas!

  11. Nope, don’t want yet another appliance I need to store. Just praying my hubby doesn’t see any infomercials because the Man Who Does Not Cook will order it. When I first saw the picture of your garden my first thought was “how did she manage to steal the Phi Mu Lion?” Then … “great job!”.

    1. Ha! You’ll have to come to town sometime and sing to the Lions! My husband bought me the Instapot without me ever once asking for it, and that’s pretty much the reason I never really “warmed up” to it. But the air fryer is something I’m interested in, so it may work out. I’m looking for the best price now.

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