Senior Awards and Rewards

May 7, 2014



The 2014 Senior class of Fairhope High School has been awarded $15 MILLION DOLLARS worth of scholarships! That is an all time new school record. And I must be a proud Mom for a moment and say that my son added a bit to that total. (Thank goodness!)


As a reward for their Senior awards, I’ve been busy in the kitchen.


Caps and gowns, diplomas and little “2014’s” all ready for the icing.


By this afternoon, my fingertips will be dyed Pirate Blue.

Congratulations to graduating seniors everywhere.

And now take a look at the new Pinterest board, just for Graduation HERE.

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  1. The best part of the awards ceremony was when the principal announced the recipients of the award for Perfect Attendance. Half of the award winners were ABSENT!

    1. Dear Mr. Smarty Pants,

      Some of them could have been out doing good deeds or on an early release program, or letting the air out of your tires – which you would deserve.
      Be nice!

      1. Early release sounds like they were in prison. Many of the graduating seniors might agree with that sentiment.

        1. Well, that’s what they call it.
          I’ve always known you were a smart-mouth, but now you are on my “naughty list” of commenters!

  2. Love your “good deeds” reply to smarty pants. That is a handsome amount of scholarship money. Congrats to your son.

  3. What a wonderful day for the students to be recognized and the parents to take a deep breath and feel proud.

  4. Yes, we are proud of these seniors. Fantastic schools are one of the reasons we chose to live in Fairhope.

  5. That is truly impressive. I just wish they had invited the whole school to attend so those underclassmen would get an idea of what they are working so hard to achieve.

    Now where did you get those adorable cooking cutters???

    1. This is the first year they didn’t invite the Junior class to watch. I think they left them out this year because the program took up two hours!

      I’ll have to send you the link to my first cookie post, that explains why I have over 200 cookie cutters!

      1. Well that makes sense. I’d say that is a “good” problem to have…so many awards that it takes 2 hours to present them all. I’ll check out your cookie cutter post.

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