Satsuma Blossom Festival

May 1, 2014



Maypole Dance - Satsuma Blossom Festival, Fairhope AL

I cannot begin to tell you how long I’ve waited to see a real, honest-to- goodness, in-person, May pole dance. Just my entire life.

When I was a little girl, I had a book about a giraffe that went to school, and it turns out he was good for nothing, except that they realized his neck was perfect for a May pole. Since then, I’ve wanted to experience the joy and charm of  the real deal   . . . and then, this past Saturday, there they were. Perfectly performing their dance for the Satsuma Blossom Festival (sans giraffe).  I can check “May Pole”   off the bucket list and die happy now.

Aren’t the girls from Creative Dance Outlet precious? They really did a fine job at the Satsuma Blossom Festival, held at the Fairhope Museum of History.



IMG_8619Satsuma blossoms are indeed worth celebrating. This time of year, the blossoms cover the entire Gulf Coast with their heavy, ultra-sweet fragrance. The actual fruit doesn’t mature until around Thanksgiving, but when the blossoms cover the trees, we are reminded of what goodness lies ahead in the fall.


Satsuma blossomsSatsumas are the best of the citrus family. Not too small, not too large, easy to peel, and tasty-sweet.


IMG_8620Well, no. Now that I think of it, I haven’t hugged the blossoms. I need to get busy!
IMG_8600What kind of festival do you think it would be without a bicycle decorating contest? (A lame one).



decorated bicycle fairhope al

The, “Bookin’ Beer Bike” wasn’t chosen by judge, Mrs. Alabama to be the winner,  but the theme was extremely creative and made by one of our local city librarians.



He even created a place to carry his “six pack” of books. Better luck next year.


Dogwood Trail Maids - Eastern Shore AlabamaThe crowd loved the dancers and Dogwood Trail Maids. Indoor displays of fruit and blossoms kept the museum staff busy all day with both local and out of town visitors.



maypole dance - fairhope alAnd of course, the May pole dance was a huge hit. Beautiful, sweet and fresh – just like a Satsuma Blossom.


Another very fine day to be in Fairhope, Alabama.



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  1. Oh my, cutie pie, y’all have all kinds of fun down your way! I loved seeing all of the festivities and the May pole! My daughter lived in Otley, UK for a couple of years. It was a little village. In the middle of downtown there was this tall pole just standing there all nekked! I asked her what it was – the May pole – and she said in Spring May was celebrated probably just like this! How fun! The bike decorations are most creative and those southern maids all in a row – gorgeous! Now, I’ve never seen a Satsuma bloom but hopefully I’ve had some of it’s fruit. Nothing like a tiny orange to make your mouth happy. Thanks for popping in to see my little trip. Oh, I saw your beautiful face over at Ron’s blog!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. oh this brings back memories! I remember dancing the maypole dance as a child in one of the beautiful downtown squares in Savannah. not sure if they still do it but hope they do. so glad you got to see it in person! hey how far is fairhope from Birmingham? have a dear friend moving there and want to send her your way to check out the town 🙂

    1. How fun that you got to do the dance! I was far too uncoordinated and would have ended up tied to the pole!

      Fairhope is about five hours south of Birmingham.

  3. Oh, I haven’t seen a Maypole in ages. When I was growing up, our school always had a May Day with a May Queen and her court and the lovely ruffly dresses — and a Maypole Dance on the high school grounds. I wonder when and why they stopped this pretty tradition?

  4. Only in Fairhope! What a wonderful town. Thanks for the descriptions of such colorful and entertaining events.

  5. We had a May Day celebration when I was in elementary school (early sixties). We did dance and weave the ribbons around the May Pole – actually our flag pole. I was asking my husband this morning about why there is no more celebrations. We made little baskets of paper flowers for our mothers.

  6. Great Photos! I really enjoyed the May Pole Dance too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one performed. The girls were fabulous. I think my Bookin’ Beer Bike would have been voted fan favorite, but I’ve got a photo of the Mrs. Alabama’s clanking bottles in front of it. I’ve already got a more family friendly theme for next year’s bike contest.

  7. Congratulations. Your blog should now appear on Google when people search for the term, “pole dance”. You might attract a whole new audience.

    1. At Montevallo they had a May Day Pole for the older students(5-8 ?), I was in Kindergarten & couldn’t wait until I got older & could dance the May Pole….BUT we moved. I think Organic used to to have one. And we made baskets (cones) out of construction paper with flowers to hang on the door for our Moms. (Jefferson Co. Schools)

  8. The Maypole dance was an annual event at my elementary school when I was very young, mid 1960’s, and I was thrilled to participate. Love your photo of the dance. I purchased that very same costume for a group of young figure skaters in our annual skating show. Love the dress, the girls look like they are enjoying themselves.

  9. I can’t believe I missed this. I’ve always wanted to see a may pole dance too, though I had no book about a giraffe serving as a pole. This looks like it was a really fun event. I’ll definitely have to keep my ears peeled for it next year. How do you hear about so many awesome activities in the area? I always seem to miss the fun stuff.
    Anyway, it was really great to meet up with you again today. Your smile and friendliness is contagious!

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