Sage in Fairhope

August 7, 2015


Sage Lebanese Cuisine and Cafe, Fairhope AlabamaSage in Fairhope used to mean an herb in the Thanksgiving turkey and a little in the dressing, but honey, this isn’t your typical South Alabama sage!


Sage Lebanese Restaurant, Fairhope AL

Sage Lebanese Cuisine and Cafe‘ is now open in downtown Fairhope, and people in our small town are all a-buzz! You’ve never had such a delicious combination of not only sage, but herbs and spices from around the world.


Sage Lebanese Restaurant, Fairhope ALOne of the owners, Marwan, who was originally born in Jordan, raised in New York and in the last few years, found peace and quiet in beautiful Fairhope, looked for seven years to find the perfect location to make this restaurant a reality. The night my husband and I were in his new restaurant, Marwan looked so happy as he poked his head out of the kitchen to say hello and to make sure all the customers were enjoying their meals.


Sage Lebanese Cuisine and Cafe, Fairhope AlabamaThe other owner of Sage, Nader, who is originally from Beirut Lebanon, and his wife Marissa, worked with Marwan and the three meticulously remodeled the perfect location in the heart of downtown by moving walls, renovating the kitchen area, adding bathrooms and creating a beautiful atmosphere. We arrived a bit early to snap some photos, but by the time we left, the place had filled up.

Sage Lebanese Restaurant in Fairhope, AL Serving lunch and dinner, but still testing a temporary menu, the food was phenomenal. Above is the Meza Mixer appetizer which combines a tasty plate of Hummus, Labneh, stuffed grape leaves (which I usually don’t like, but these were great), eggplant and falafel.


Sage Lebanese Restaurant Fairhope, Fairhope RestaurantsOur server Zoe was very helpful and knew details about each dish. She recommended this NYC style chicken over rice, and it was so flavorful and savory I loved it (not sure why it was NYC style – am I missing something?). The dishes were so large, I couldn’t finish it all, but my son was glad to help with my take-home plate.


Sage Restaurant, Fairhope RestaurantsMy husband’s plate was the Kabob Mixer, which gave him a sample of beef, chicken and Kafta, which is grilled ground beef with spices, almost like little meatballs – but so much better. He loved every bite, and said next time said he wants to try the Lamb Chops.

The menu also includes a large selection of salads, sandwiches and vegetarian entrees.


Sage Lebanese Restaurant Fairhope AL

If you are in the Fairhope area, I can highly recommend you try Sage Lebanese Cuisine and Cafe’. It’s so great to live in a small Southern town, but not have to eat grits and fried chicken every day. I’m so very happy we are growing a real restaurant scene and a global vibe in our little corner of Alabama.


Sage Lebanese Restaurant Fairhope ALOne last thing I’ll mention, is the Lebanese Iced Tea. I didn’t get a photo, but it looks deceivingly simple, and in a way, it is. But the combination of a green tea with a tiny bit of mint, lemon and who knows what . . . is refreshing and my favorite new cooling summer drink.

Their web site isn’t ready just yet, but click HERE to see their facebook page. Visit Sage Lebanese Cuisine and Cafe’ at 319 Fairhope Avenue, next door to Ken and Vernon’s Barbershop. 


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  • […] Sage Lebanese Cuisine and Cafe’ – One of my favorite specialty restaurants in Fairhope, I sometimes call in an order and go pick it up when I feel like eating at home. It is a wonderful, delicious taste of Lebanese food which is a great global addition to the downtown food scene. Appetizer plates, salads, sandwiches, main entrees . . . it’s all good. They’ve recently added wine, beer and specialty drinks to their menu. For something different, this is the place I recommend. […]

  • Oh, this sounds FABULOUS! I had no idea this had opened downtown. I’m so glad you mentioned it. All the hubbub has been about Shux lately (and we’ll make it down there too eventually since Pat’s friends with Josh), but I hadn’t heard a murmur about Sage. How exciting. And the dishes look AMAZING!! Thanks for the recommendation and the news.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I need to get down to the pier and try Shux, but I’ve heard it was almost an hour wait last night. (First Friday Art Walk crowd). The owners of Sage have been quietly working on the building for months now, and I’ve been following them on instagram as they post delicious looking things they’ve been working on, so I was very excited about them opening!

  • Everything looks so delicious!!! I can feel the love and pride that Marwan, Nader and Marissa have put into this place. I’m adding this to the long list of things to do when I come visit you in Fairhope! I think Katie and I need to take a road trip!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Yes, yes, yes! But wait a while. It’s 10pm and 90° outside! MUGGY!

  • You know, I’ve never had Lebanese food but now I want some. The food looks so delicious! Sounds like it’s really flavorful too. Now you’re not only one pretty little thing, you’re smart too telling me those little plates are luncheon plates instead of breakfast plates! 😉 Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉 d

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I can’t do math, but I know my china and silver!

      Hope you find some good Lebanese food soon, or I’ll have to send you some!

  • I have really missed good Lebanese food. I don’t know of a place here in Birmingham. Looking forward to putting this on the list. I am ordering what Bob had.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      He’s always a good orderer.

  • ann chase says:

    Thanks for your recommendations on places to dine !!! My husband & I visit Fairhope/Point Clear often (we have a daughter & grandchildren in Daphne – the youngest knows her way around “The Grand” like a pro ) – For the past few years we have seen so many restaurants open and its nice to read your opinion and suggestions !! Sage sounds so good & the photos make me want to try exactly what you ordered. So far we’ve never been disappointed with your favorite places !!!
    Fairhope is my dream city ~ and its not such a secret anymore ~
    Ann Chase

    • Leslie Anne says:

      So glad you like all the restaurants. I try to be honest, or just not say anything at all . . . bless their hearts!

      Fairhope’s not a secret, but I do feel guilty telling people about it sometimes. Honestly, we do have some dead flowers every now and then. It’s absolutely disgusting and everyone needs to stay away : )

  • Do they deliver to Massachusetts??? I LOVE Lebanese food! Another reason for me to move to Fairhope!! Have a great weekend, Leslie Anne!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Well, they did say they cater . . .

      Happy weekend to you too!

  • Now you are talking my raising!!! My Sitty (the Lebanese term for “Grandma”) taught my mother all she knows about making Lebanese food. She came from Lebanon as a baby, and my great-grandfather came as a young man with two brothers. I grew up with Lebanese food as part of daily life. I would be curious to see what the mixture is inside the grape leaf rolls. One of the changes that has taken place in America is the use of cabbage leaves to replace grape leave since cabbage is more plentiful here. I wonder if the eggplant is a dip called baba ganoush which is actually a hummus tahini-based dip with roasted eggplant and garlic added. You will find that different regions of Lebanon serve different variation of some of the same dishes. My family is from the Broumana area, so there is more use of garlic and lemon to season dishes such as grape leaf/cabbage rolls as opposed to nutmeg and tomato which is used in other regions. I never developed a taste for the soft cheese such as Labneh and Jibin, but I can eat my weight in tabbouleh salad (the real stuff…not the mess that passes for it here), baba gamouch, and Lebanese flat bread.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I went back since you first read this and added that Nader was originally from Beirut, Lebanon, because I wasn’t sure when I first wrote the post. And I thought the eggplant dish was baba ganoush, so I looked on their menu, but it didn’t say. Maybe they are translating for us?

      What a wonderful heritage you have, with great food too! I know your family get-togethers are scrumptious (and much healthier than my family’s Southern food!!).

      If you are ever in Fairhope, I know where to find you now!

      • Well, the other side of my family believes potatoes are a vegetable to be mixed with butter and sour cream, and they don’t let their chickens or fish die in vain…they fry them. Granted the same lebanese Grammy (Sitty’s daughter) used bacon drippings in her homemade macaroni salad. Our family certainly eats well!!!! If I am in Fairhope, I will find you, and we can both go to Sage!!!

  • Certainly looks interesting. Great food photos.

  • Once again, you put Fairhope on the map of places to stop when I finally get around to my dream year-long trip around the 48 contiguous states. The food looks spectacular only wish I was eating it now instead of the juice shake of fruits and veggies.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      What a fun plan for a trip! Before children, my husband and I drove from Georgia to California and back again. Our rule was we had to eat in only locally owned restaurants. It was so delicious and I wish I had been blogging back then because I would have taken notes and photos to remember it all!

      When you get your suitcase packed, definitely put Fairhope on your list and I’ll meet you for lunch!

  • Been watching for the opening. Will have to try it in a couple of weeks.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You’ll love it!

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