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October 8, 2019


Rush Boutique in Fairhope, Alabama Great place to shop!

You know how I love “follow your dream” stories, so of course, I’m wild about Rush Boutique. It doesn’t hurt that the owner and I have a special connection!

Jennifer Warren, owner of Rush Boutique in Fairhope, Alabama

This is Jennifer Warren, the owner of Rush Boutique. Jennifer grew up with a Mom who was a home economics teacher and knew the clothing industry so well, she opened her own shop. Watching and helping her mom for years, Jennifer developed an eye for stylish, good quality clothing. She also has a big heart for helping young girls feel confident, beautiful and stylish without draining their parent’s budget.

Rush has a great mix of shoes, hats, jewelry and not just average old clothes, but adorable outfits — and we all know the power of a good outfit no matter what age we happen to be.

 Ladies of all ages love fun accessories like these!  I also found a beautiful snuggly vest for fall, and earrings that got lots of compliments from both my mom and teenaged friends — yes, I have teen friends. They are very cool and think I have excellent taste — for a mom. 

Rush Boutique in Fairhope, Alabama Great place to shop!

Busy raising two active teenagers, Jennifer was swamped with everything life was throwing her way, but knew in her heart it was time to exercise her faith and stretch her talents to launch a clothing store. Following her dream, everything lined up, and God opened one door after the other for her and Rush Boutique took off like a race car.

Rush Boutique in Fairhope, Alabama Great place to shop!

I pop into Rush to say hello every now and then, but can barely talk to Jennifer because there are always so many shoppers in there, saying, “Look at this! “Oh I love this!” “I want to try this on!” When I hear the teenaged squealing begin, (or is it the mothers?) I know it’s time to leave. I even know young ladies who shop Rush’s Instagram page and order clothing to be sent to them out of town.

Jennifer Warren and Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope, Alabama

And the connection I mentioned? Jennifer and I are cousins! Our granddads were brothers, so in the South, that just means . . . cousins. Not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd — just cousins, and I can promise you, she’s always had a sweet, sweet spirit.

You’ll want to follow Rush Boutique on Instagram (rush.fairhope) because every now and then there will be a pop-up surprise you don’t want to miss. When you’re in Fairhope, you can find the Boutique across from Greers Market, just up from Creative Outlet Dance Studio. Follow Rush on Facebook for announcements of new arrivals.

Rush Boutique in Fairhope, Alabama Great place to shop!

Busier than ever before, Jennifer is in her element helping teenagers and moms navigate what are often rough years when everyone just wants to fit in, find their way and make a statement. Even without a teen-in-tow, make sure you pop in to Rush Boutique to say hello and meet Jennifer.

Rush Boutique in Fairhope, Alabama Great place to shop!
  • Karyn Tunks says:

    You hit the nail on the head with the description of Rush and the response from her shoppers. I stopped in during the last Fairhope GNO and saw moms pulling pieces off the racks for their daughters to try on (which they gladly did). Jennifer strikes me as the kind of shop owner that will get to know her guests and their styles and give them a head’s up when something that suits their taste comes into the store. As for the two of you being related, there’s no end to the talent in the Harrison tribe.

    • Thanks so much! You are right about the customers loving Jennifer and her store. And as for the Harrisons, Great granddaddy only used a gray mule to plow. – hard work, with great style!

  • What a wonderful story of faith and following one’s dreams. I love any story of young women becoming successful, especially when other women support them. I will definitely follow her on Instagram, those rings already caught my eye! Congratulations, Jennifer!

    • Thanks so much Roxanne. You hit on a big point — women helping other women. Being surrounded by good encouraging friends is a comfort. I just saw a little meme that said, “Be with people who light your soul on fire.” Women in small businesses need that fire!

  • I am so proud of Jennifer. She turned this venture over to God and he led the way/ put some awesome , loving. , giving people in her path . Thank you for being her friend as well as cousin. She has always had great taste and learned growing up one could definitely have great clothes without spending a fortune.

    • I love people with a passion and Jennifer has found what lights her fire. She’s an amazing, talented woman, and she learned from the best!

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