Random things from an average week in Fairhope

May 15, 2017


Last week, I was invited to introduce Mary Kay Andrews when she spoke at Page and Palette. That’s me in front, and MKA in the cute pink dress in the back. There were probably around 70 people there, and out of camera range was a sampling of food from her latest, “Beach House Cookbook.” Everyone adores Mary Kay, and her fans were busy purchasing books for themselves and many more as gifts.


My dearie, Karyn Tunks and I were able to capture our favorite author, drag her off to Tamara’s, and bend her ear on important topics like publishers, writing schedules, and most importantly, where to buy brightly colored frocks. We look like Easter eggs and fairies exploded all over us (that’s not a bad thing). Southern ladies love bright colors!


Later in the week, Karyn and I regrouped and headed out to shop-shop-shop for Fairhope’s 4th Annual Girl’s Night Out. They call it, “night” out, but they start it at 4pm because I think they know we’re moms, and can only have so much fun before we want to go home and go to sleep.


Hundreds of ladies flooded downtown to take advantage of a awesome specials. Stores had music, food and drinkie-poos for the ladies. We were all laughing and saying, “what if someone drove through town at this very moment and saw all these women running around with pink bags? They’d think this was the weirdest town! (It is).


See what I mean? Cybele’s was mixing up the tropical refreshments inside their store and even gave me a flamingo straw! Did you know they have on-site monograming available? Such an adorable shop!


We popped in to Page and Palette Bookstore (again), to hear author Alexander McCall Smith discuss his new book, “My Italian Bulldozer.” I started it this weekend and can’t wait to finish. Of course, “Alex,” as he asked me to call him (cough-cough) was delightfully charming with his Scottish accent. He said he loves coming to Alabama!


On the bluff last week, during a dress rehearsal for, “The Little Mermaid,” I ran into the powerful photography force of Kelly Bullington, Beth Glisson and my husband, Bob. All three so super talented!


On my family’s Facebook page, someone shared this old photo of my great-grandmother in the middle, my grandmother to her right, and my granddaddy holding my daddy on the far left. Great-Grandmother Leona Harrison had 11 boys (!!!!!) and two girls. Every meal was a huge undertaking, but this seems to be a special gathering.


And one last thing . . . we still have a gas station in Fairhope with old pumps. Nowhere to scan your card, and they’ll come out and pump it for you. You actually get to talk to someone!


My readers are the sweetest, nicest, most encouraging people, so I’m bursting at the seams to be able to share some big news with you later this week, I hope! Stay tuned . . . and I hope you have a lovely, happy week!


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  1. We Southern women do love our bright colors, don’t we? I have MK’s Lilly dress in a slightly different style. I think it is supposed to be a mini-dress, but since I am a mite too long in the tooth to wear my skirts that short, I wear it like a tunic top. The shopping night out looks to be a very fun experience! (I see your pearls!) We are still mired here in Bham with hubby’s dental issues which seem to be never-ending. We had hoped to get down there before it gets too hot, but I can’t say.

    1. “Before it gets too hot” is the smartest thing of all.

      I’m sure you’re adorable in your tunic/dress. I do the same thing with some of the shorter styles. Not because I’m so old, it’s just that I don’t want to drive all the men crazy! hahahaha!!!!!

  2. L.A.,
    Always leaving smiles and giggles tucked away in my heart after I read your blogs. (Wish someone would come up with another name for such insightful, “literary happiness” as you cast out the the world….”blog” just has an odd ring to it. LOL!)

  3. Cant believe you actually got to meet Alexander McCall Smith too. You are such a good hostess, guess he just couldn’t resist the fun the other authors have been having when they come to Fairhope.

  4. You have so much fun, hanging out with writers, artists, and time for shopping. I have to get back to Fairhope soon!

  5. Love all of your news and goings-on around Fairhope Leslie! Because of your reminder about The Little Mermaid and your husband’s incredible photos I was prompted to get an online ticket before they sold out and experienced the incredible performance Sunday night.

    Where is the gas station that pumps your gas?

    1. I’m so glad you were able to make it to The Little Mermaid! Since it was outdoors, I thought they’d sell an infinite number of tickets, but sure enough, I’d heard they’d sold out! Good for you!

      Rambo’s across from the Methodist Church will pump your gas, inflate your tires, and let you pet their dachshund!

  6. Fairhope is an adorable town. Lindsay and I love to come over and shop the little shops there. We have eaten lunch at Tamara’s as well. I think we are overdue for a trip. Y’all looked great in your bright colors. Who wants to be so dull when there is so much color to choose from. I love the photograph of your family as well. Those are always fun to look at.
    You are always such a tease with your coming soon stuff. I am not good at waiting!!!!!!!!

  7. You have been having too much fun!! Love the old fashioned gas pump!! Remember when they would wash your windshield??? Wait, you’re probably to young to remember the good old days when you didn’t have to pump your own, and flying meant empty seats to sprawl out in!

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