Rae’s Southern Kitchen

November 14, 2013


That’s the truth.
And that’s pretty much the philosophy of Nancy Dupre and Jessica Guthrie, a Mother – Daughter team that has recently taken our area by storm with their down-home cooking with a twist.
Even if you are a reader outside our area, you will appreciate the efforts of a small business run by two fabulous ladies. Their work on the inside of their building is charming, and the food is amazing.

Generations of women in this family have been known for their cooking skills. And what do we do better in the South, than to pass it on, sister,  pass it on.
Rae’s Southern Kitchen and Catering Company is now open for business, and you won’t believe the huge menu of good things they offer.
How about some ‘Bama Bruschetta?
Jessica and Nancy will be happy to have them hot and waiting for you.
If you’ve ever been to the popular restaurant “Cowgirl Kitchen” in Seagrove Beach or Rosemary Beach, FL, well . . . you are sure to love Rae’s. Jessica and Nancy were the original owners and developers of “Cowgirl Kitchen!”
It’s a small world after all.
Lunchtime sandwiches?
Unique and made to order.
Jessica told me she and her Mom want to make eating an easy thing for family and friends. “We are a small family business, and we appreciate all our new customers more than you know.”
And here’s my little trick.
Order up a bunch of casseroles, throw on one of these gorgeous aprons,
then run home and stand over the delicious hot food like you’ve been slaving away all day.
“Oh, honey, it tastes great, and you look so cute in that apron!”
“Why, thank you, precious darlin’.”
(bat eyes)
“Would you care for more Chicken Piccata?”
This photo has nothing to do with Rae’s food, but it’s just such a darn cute sofa, I had to show you that Jessica and Nancy are not only creative in the kitchen, but their shop is adorable too!
Praline thumbprint cookies.
I can highly recommend these. Highly.
Luncheons, private dinners, work events, and even weddings are no problem for these ladies. Their specialties range from savory casseroles and side dishes, to desserts like their famous praline thumbprint cookies and sometimes even chocolate chip and bacon cookies!
(Chocolate and bacon? I know!!! Remember my story from a few days ago?)
Call ahead for special orders, or pop in for a freshly made helping of dips, spreads, sandwiches, and casseroles to-go.
Life made easy.
Food made good.
Rae’s Southern Kitchen & Catering Company
460 N. Section St. Suite D
(on the corner of Section and Grand Ave. – kind of across the way from The Coffee Loft)
Open M-F 10am-5:30 and Saturday 10am – 3pm.
Click here to visit their web site.
And support this new local business by liking them on facebook.

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  1. Love supporting small businesses rather than chains. Just love their menu on the craft brown paper. Takes a lot of passion and dedication to work in the food industry. I know, my brother is chef owner of an old tavern farmhouse back in Pennsylvania. Thanks for sharing the cute restaurant. Their food sounds fabulous!

  2. OK, it’s only 9:30 a.m. and I’m ready for lunch! What a fun, tasty looking restaurant. Love the photo of the owners. Would they consider moving to Marietta for their next venture?

  3. So proud the ladies are making such a splash in your town! The food and their menu looks wonderful! Love the piano with all of the aprons.
    Glad you liked my little felties.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. I love those local places like that- especially little family run places. It is a really cute place, too- and if the food is as good as you say-well, they will be a HUGE success! xo Diana

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