Queen Elizabeth and Jean-Luc Picard

April 8, 2020


lots of distraction here . . .

Distraction is the name of the game as we all sit home and shelter in place to avoid the COVID-19 virus. I’ve loved hearing from many of you who have written to share your thoughts and ideas on this strange situation. Keep the ideas coming!

Queen Elizabeth was fascinating a few days ago as she calmed not only England, but the entire world with her words of encouragement. I just love the Queen. People from her generation have seen tragedies and hardships before and aren’t nearly as alarmed as the rest of us. She was the calming grandmother we all needed to see.

And her green dress . . . lovely! Her triple strand of pearls says she means business! This is no single-strand event. Her grandmother’s turquoise and diamond brooch on her left shoulder (Jewelry on the left, name tag on the right, sit down, stand up, fight-fight-fight! — official cheer of Miss Molly Mae Manners School of Charm) Here’s the story about the meaning of her outfit. (Do you think she saw the story about my green outfit a few weeks ago?) I think, “yes.” She often consults me on such issues. We’re distant cousins, you know.

My Bob has graciously endured (secretly enjoyed) watching many PBS series with me. We recently watched” Poldark “and “The Durrells of Corfu,” which were both great fun and made us want to travel . . . alas, the world is sick, so we’re still here in Alabama. But Bob let me know it was his turn to select the show we watch, and I knew that meant — Star Trek. I’ve never been a fan, because it is visually boring. The same outfits every day, the furniture is always in the same place. Yakkity-Yak beaming, tasing, warp this that and the other — you know. I’ve also thought it was crazy that with all the high tech inventions, they didn’t have seat belts on the Enterprise and kept falling out of their seats.

But then, there’s Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard. He’s easy on the eyes, so I’ve liked it better than I thought.

This quote is from the first episode of Picard. It is so true now during this Coronavirus. I sleep like a baby and have peaceful dreams, but the minute I awake, I reach for my phone to see the new death count for the day. Last night I dreamed in detail about a beautiful light blue dress I was going to wear to a party at my friend Harriet’s house, but then, well . . . reality is a tough thing to see every morning. When I opened my eyes, there was no blue dress, only more sadness. Maybe I identify with Star Trek more than I know.

A live event I’m looking forward to on Easter Day is a concert by Andrea Bocelli in the Duomo from Milan. Click on his name for details.

And of course, this is a very Holy Week, although it’s difficult to feel joyful while staying home watching the sad news. Happy Passover to my Jewish readers. I’m glad you stick with me even though we have different backgrounds. And for my Christian readers, my Easter story will be posted later this week. Due to the virus, I ended up completely changing what I had originally planned to write.

This mess in my living room is my temporary office (I just got tired of the other one) and is proof I’m working on a new book. “You know you don’t have to print everything out.” says Bob. “Yes I do. I like to hold it.” I tell him. Everyone has their own path to creativity.

Other than writing, cleaning, gardening and a little TV, I try to call or face-time someone every day. I just signed up for Shipt grocery delivery service and am expecting my first order from Piggly Wiggly later today. I’ll let you know if I like it. disclosure – If you click on the link to sign up, we’ll both get a discount.

I find it fun that my 100 year old friend and I, who live about 2 miles apart are writing handwritten letters to each other. She’s charming. Here’s a Vimeo of her presentation at The Fairhope Museum of History for you to watch.

Let me know what you are doing to keep busy. If you are still going out to work, then bless you, because you are “essential” and we all appreciate your part in keeping our world functioning. I hope and pray you are all healthy, entertained, joyful and at peace. Let me know what you’re up to and if you have any good TV or movie suggestions, and before you say it, we already tried “Tiger King” and it’s a “nope.”

  • I love Shipt! I signed up several years ago prior to Achilles tendon repair surgery, knowing I wouldn’t be able to drive for two months. I have continued to use to almost weekly since then, even tho I am recovered and capable of driving. I find it saves me much time and keeps me from impulse buying. Many of the shoppers have learned my preferences and go out of their way to get everything I request. In non quarantine times, the shoppers would bring my groceries right to my kitchen island and would even place heavy items, like cases of water, on the shelf in my pantry. Now I open the garage and have them put the groceries there. Since I am in a high risk category for the virus, Shipt is a real life saver for me right now.

    As for what to watch, I am a big fan of When Calls the Heart on Hallmark Channel. You can watch the first five seasons on Netflix. It’s family friendly, very well acted, but you do have to suspend a little belief as to the authenticity of the portrayal of the time frame. I’m ok with that; real life is authentic enough for me. I want my entertainment to entertain, edify or allow me to escape. When Calls the Heart does all three.

    Other binge worthy TV for me:

    The West Wing- My late husband and I were totally on the opposite of the political spectrum from the characters on the show, but we both loved it and re watched it multiple times. Some of the best writing and acting on TV ever.

    Friday Night Lights- It’s not just about football. Season two went off the rails a bit but the reward of perseverance is a season three that contains one of the best episodes of TV ever. Plus, Connie Britton’s hair is just gorgeous throughout!

    Easter will look very different this year, for sure. I have decided I’ll wear the new blouse I have even tho I will watch our church service from home. True confession: I’ve watched our online service in my night gown the last few Sundays. We did a virtual choir recording for the service and I’m excited to see that. I’ll zoom with my two daughters on Sunday night. We all live in the greater Houston area but haven’t seen each other in person since February. First thing I’m going to do when this is all over? Hug my daughters!

    While life right now is hard, confusing and frightening, I rest in the hope and peace that knowing Jesus brings. While Easter will look and feel different this year, the truth that does not change because of circumstances is Jesus is alive and that truth in our lives changes everything!

    Blessings to you and your family, Leslie Anne.

    • What a great note! Thanks Leigh. Shipt is taking way longer to deliver than I thought, but at first it was my mistake in the ordering. They are really swamped right now, so I’ll give them some grace for now. Can’t wait to see how the order turns out. You Movies/TV list has some good things I’ve heard about. When Calls the Heart sounds like a good place to start. For some reason, we don’t get the Hallmark Channel — I know, how did I get through Christmas without it, right? We use Apple TV and I think that’s why, but if WCTH is on Netflix, I can try that first. Easter will be so strange without church or family. I’m missing my two boys who are sheltering together in Birmingham. One will be home soon, but I don’t think in time for Easter. My mom has been in her Senior community locked down for three weeks now. Bummer. I’m going to run your suggestions by Bob and see what he thinks. Only one more PICARD left to watch! Happy Easter to you!

  • Leslie, the Queen was beautifully dressed and she was so encouraging. We are catching up on gardening and outside chores. There is always so much to do. We had our first home delivery of groceries and it was wonderful, perhaps habit forming. Happy and blessed Easter!

    • Hi Pam, thanks for chiming in. It’s good to know so many are diving in to the outdoors to find an outlet for productivity. Such a peaceful way to spend time . . . until the heat shows up in a few months! I got the day wrong on my first order or home-groceries, so I’m waiting on it sometime today. I’m still learning to use the system. – Take care!

  • Queen Elizabeth was exactly what I wanted her to be during her talk. Just think about all the children sent away by their parents during the war, and all we have to do is stay in our homes. Mama always said she wanted us girls to have manners so nice she would not have to worry if we were invited to tea with the Queen! Today was my sister’s birthday, and I’m feeling sad we couldn’t be together. But a bunch of us gathered all over the country at 5:00 for another virtual cocktail party to toast the birthday girl. She is definitely a champagne girl, not a Corona girl! Stay safe and healthy.

    • It may not have been the birthday your sister wanted, but it will certainly be a memorable birthday full of love and great effort! How lovely! Yes, tea with the Queen is a legitimate threat held over the heads of many children. Use your manners! Wishing you and your sister many more days of champagne and birthday candles. Stay home and safe!

  • Savan Wilson says:

    Can’t wait for the next book! Thanks for adding Julie Moon’s talk – really enjoyed that! Guess I’ll sign up for Shipt. You are always a breathe of fresh air to my days. Thanks for all of your talents and for being a Fairhope friend!

    • You are a dear Savan! I cant wait to get out in public and see each other again. We have a talent for running into each other at fun parties. May that tradition continue . . . soon!

  • Harriet Outlaw says:

    My, my! I am famous! LeslieAnn mentioned me in her column! And what a privilege to be called your friend! Sending you and your readers prayers that this, too, will pass over your homes and loved ones.

    • thank you Harriet. I miss you for so many reasons! The dream was vivid and I was so happy to be going to your house – part of the dream was at the house, of course around the overflowing food table. The dress was light blue with silver threads running through it, very 50’s style. And also in the dream, the two of us were very stylish and laughing our heads off! Blessings to you and your dear ones during this time. Better days for laughing and blue dresses ahead!

  • Ellen Shook says:

    New book!!! Now I am excited! I cannot seem to stay focused longer than a couple of hours at a time. Today I tried sewing face masks made from old camisoles. (Don’t ask) I am also not sleeping very well unless I have pharmaceutal help which I do not like to use because I don’t feel rested the next day anyway. Outwardly I seem very calm but I know this is only a mask in itself because I wake up after a few hours with thoughts racing. I think a lot of people are writing real letters and cards now. I guess I am a bit of a slug because I have not done very many. Mostly I cook and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. Schitt’s Creek is my current fave.

    • Hi Ellen, from your Instagram posts, you seem very productive. We watched a couple of seasons of Schitt’s Creek but then it faded away. Feeling sluggish is normal now I think. I would love to see the lacy camisole masks! Birmingham is a hard-hit area. I hope you are safe and staying home. All of this China talk hits home hard with you, I guess since you’ve had a personal connection there. Wishing you sweet peaceful dreams!

  • I agree, I very much thought Queen Elizabeth gave a wonderful speech. Very calming and everyone’s grandmother. I think she looked beautiful too, loved her in the green dress. No, she’s not my queen but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect her. I love most everything on PBS, especially Masterpiece. Oh no, I would be squirming a lot if I had to sit through Star Wars! Hope my grandson doesn’t see this! I already have Bocelli scheduled, it should be amazing! It will be just the two of us for Easter, don’t get me wrong. I am so thankful it two but I will miss all of my family being here. Blessings to you and yours, stay well, stay safe, stay home!

    • Thanks Emily. I usually love a big Easter but this year I guess it will be just the two of us as well. As of now, I’m planning a brunch which is lighter and easier. Our church “airs” at 9:30 (so weird to say) so we can brunch, then be finished in time to see the program from Milan. I”ll record it if I run out of time. Wishing you Easter blessings!

  • Sharon Calvert says:

    Masterpiece Theatre premiered Episode 1 of World on Fire this past Sunday; I watched it yesterday online. If you’re not already aware of her, one of my favorite bloggers can be found at this link: http://www.susanbranch.com/ … fyi, she’s tentatively scheduled to do a book-signing at Page and Palette in the distant future!

    Be well, and God bless …

    • I’ll look into the Masterpiece episode. They’re always well done. I’ve never heard of Susan before but will pop over to her blog. Thanks for the info Sharon!
      *Update – When I looked at Susan’s site, I realized I already have several of her books! How funny. I’ll have to watch for the day she’ll be here in Fairhope. Thanks again for the tip.

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