Queen Elizabeth and Jean-Luc Picard

April 8, 2020


lots of distraction here . . .

Distraction is the name of the game as we all sit home and shelter in place to avoid the COVID-19 virus. I’ve loved hearing from many of you who have written to share your thoughts and ideas on this strange situation. Keep the ideas coming!

Queen Elizabeth was fascinating a few days ago as she calmed not only England, but the entire world with her words of encouragement. I just love the Queen. People from her generation have seen tragedies and hardships before and aren’t nearly as alarmed as the rest of us. She was the calming grandmother we all needed to see.

And her green dress . . . lovely! Her triple strand of pearls says she means business! This is no single-strand event. Her grandmother’s turquoise and diamond brooch on her left shoulder (Jewelry on the left, name tag on the right, sit down, stand up, fight-fight-fight! — official cheer of Miss Molly Mae Manners School of Charm) Here’s the story about the meaning of her outfit. (Do you think she saw the story about my green outfit a few weeks ago?) I think, “yes.” She often consults me on such issues. We’re distant cousins, you know.

My Bob has graciously endured (secretly enjoyed) watching many PBS series with me. We recently watched” Poldark “and “The Durrells of Corfu,” which were both great fun and made us want to travel . . . alas, the world is sick, so we’re still here in Alabama. But Bob let me know it was his turn to select the show we watch, and I knew that meant — Star Trek. I’ve never been a fan, because it is visually boring. The same outfits every day, the furniture is always in the same place. Yakkity-Yak beaming, tasing, warp this that and the other — you know. I’ve also thought it was crazy that with all the high tech inventions, they didn’t have seat belts on the Enterprise and kept falling out of their seats.

But then, there’s Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard. He’s easy on the eyes, so I’ve liked it better than I thought.

This quote is from the first episode of Picard. It is so true now during this Coronavirus. I sleep like a baby and have peaceful dreams, but the minute I awake, I reach for my phone to see the new death count for the day. Last night I dreamed in detail about a beautiful light blue dress I was going to wear to a party at my friend Harriet’s house, but then, well . . . reality is a tough thing to see every morning. When I opened my eyes, there was no blue dress, only more sadness. Maybe I identify with Star Trek more than I know.

A live event I’m looking forward to on Easter Day is a concert by Andrea Bocelli in the Duomo from Milan. Click on his name for details.

And of course, this is a very Holy Week, although it’s difficult to feel joyful while staying home watching the sad news. Happy Passover to my Jewish readers. I’m glad you stick with me even though we have different backgrounds. And for my Christian readers, my Easter story will be posted later this week. Due to the virus, I ended up completely changing what I had originally planned to write.

This mess in my living room is my temporary office (I just got tired of the other one) and is proof I’m working on a new book. “You know you don’t have to print everything out.” says Bob. “Yes I do. I like to hold it.” I tell him. Everyone has their own path to creativity.

Other than writing, cleaning, gardening and a little TV, I try to call or face-time someone every day. I just signed up for Shipt grocery delivery service and am expecting my first order from Piggly Wiggly later today. I’ll let you know if I like it. disclosure – If you click on the link to sign up, we’ll both get a discount.

I find it fun that my 100 year old friend and I, who live about 2 miles apart are writing handwritten letters to each other. She’s charming. Here’s a Vimeo of her presentation at The Fairhope Museum of History for you to watch.

Let me know what you are doing to keep busy. If you are still going out to work, then bless you, because you are “essential” and we all appreciate your part in keeping our world functioning. I hope and pray you are all healthy, entertained, joyful and at peace. Let me know what you’re up to and if you have any good TV or movie suggestions, and before you say it, we already tried “Tiger King” and it’s a “nope.”

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