Queen Anne’s Lace

June 20, 2014


Qanne_9150Queen Anne’s lace dots Southern roadsides this time of year. The scientific name is Daucus carota and yes, that means it is related to a wild carrot.


queenanne_9141The small red petals in the center of the flower attract insects. If you pick the flower heads, press them between heavy book pages lined with tissue paper, by Christmastime, you will have beautiful Southern “snowflakes” to hang on your Christmas tree.


aueenanne9153My Grandfather wanted to cut the Queen Anne’s lace with the lawnmower because most people consider it to be a weed. My Grandmother insisted he leave it until I came to visit, because she knew how much I loved to pick it. She would help me place some of the stems in water tinted with food coloring, and the next day, I would see blue, pink and orange Queen Anne’s lace.


queenanne9139It was such a happy memory, that when the florist asked what flowers I wanted to include in my wedding bouquet, I said, “Queen Anne’s  Lace.” He tried to convince me it was only a weed, but in the end, I had Queen Anne’s Lace mixed in with the roses. A  common roadside flower that I still love today.

Do you have a favorite roadside flower?


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  1. I remember putting Queen Anne’s Lace in a jar with food coloring. I have been telling my granddaughter about this and this weekend includes a trip into the country to pick some. I am planning to dry some also. Thanks for the memory and don’t great minds remember alike?!

    1. If we share memories like this, I’m sure we would have many other things in common! Have fun with the flowers, and thanks for reading.

  2. My favorites are tulips, peonies and now that I’ve traveled overseas, poppies. It’s funny you are talking about memories today. I just posted a picture on Facebook about a sweet memory I have with my dad. Great minds do think alike!!! At least I like to think I can include my mind with great ones! Nice post. Happy Friday!

    1. If I’m in the “great mind” category, I welcome your company! I’ve always thought peonies were beautiful, but I don’t think we can grow them down here – or at least not many people do. I always see them in Martha Stewart’s garden and of course, they are gorgeous!

  3. I like Queen Annes’ Lace the best but Golden Rod is another road side plant that I think is beautiful. Newer research shows that it is usually ragweed not Golden Rod that is to blame for allergies.

  4. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite flower — which I think is hydrangea — or is it magnolia — but Queen Anne’s lace is right up there with those two in my affections!

    I remember when I discovered it growing wild in a field next to where my daddy worked long ago and dug up plants to try growing it back in NC. And on my last visit to my hubby’s parent’s house in NY, I cut a beautiful bouquet of that, wild daisies, and other roadside flora…only to be told by his mom that they are W-E-E-D-S. Imagine! Some people have no appreciation for nature’s beauty.

  5. Joe and I dug some up on a roadside way out in the country near Athens, Georgia last year. It did not make it through our wild winter. I need to try again as it is not a weed for me ether. I love that you carried on your wedding day-you dare to be different.

  6. Oh wow, I can’t wait for the season, Queens Anne Lace is one of my favorite. It works in great in any floral arrangement adding so much interest. Mine is still creeping along no sign of blooms yet. Kathy

    1. You must live a bit further north of here where it’s just now warming up. Hang in there, the heat’s on it’s way!

  7. I LOVE Queen Anne’s lace! It was in my wedding bouquet along with pale pink roses and white lilies. My mother loved it too. We’ve tried several times to get it started in our yards and failed miserably. Apparently it does not like the conditions around here…..Mother passed away in May of this year. I asked the florist to put Queen Anne’s lace in her flowers along with Pink Stargazer lilies and white lilies and he told me it was too early for it to be blooming. When I got to the funeral home, there they were, her favorite! He had managed to obtain some after all. I was very happy to be able to provide her favorite, for I know how she loved it. Miss you Mom.

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