Puttin’ on the Gritz

April 14, 2015


IMG_8887One of the most exciting and fun parties of the year was held this past weekend, as the Eastern Shore Art Center (ESAC) and the Committee On Public Art (COPA) presented, “Puttin’ on the Gritz – Celebrating All Things Southern.”

DSC01398Guests were encouraged to dress in their idea of what makes them “Southern” as they enjoyed delicious Gulf Coast shrimp and grits, pulled pork, a pimento cheese station, and as a nod to Elvis, a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich bar. The crowd was dressed in everything from formalwear to bluejeans.

DSC01373Dark photo, but here I am with Elvis and my own darlin’ Southern Gentleman (Hehehe! He’s lived in the south now for over 40 years, although a few of those were in South Florida so they don’t count, but I think he’s just about nearing perfection). I opted for the cowgirl boots, pearls and denim to stand out from the sea of seersucker. You know how we hate to show up in the same outfit as another girl. It was either this or my hoop skirt, and I couldn’t ride my horse to the party in a hoop. How did Scarlett ever manage?


DSC01401 DSC01400Our good natured Mayor, Tim Kant is speaking with popular local character and internationally acclaimed artist, Nall. Not sure what Nall’s wearing, but honestly, he’s been seen looking this way around town on a regular non-costumed day. You never know what you’ll find in Fairhope with all these artsy folks wandering loose.

11110759_332054093657583_9027670278861752371_n 11009171_332033086993017_3460051256501453204_n 11129202_331976206998705_7832723986307894432_n 11141233_331954817000844_5594957627505325916_nJack and Paul are as nice as they are handsome in their bow ties.  Southern gents rockin’ the beginning of seersucker season.


11133705_331906483672344_499978978785183581_nEveryone was having so much fun and the party raised needed funds for our cherished local arts programs.


11070226_331904220339237_728888249453277891_nDid someone say sausage? The food was plentiful and delicious, and the band Fuego was a huge hit.


11149347_331869330342726_965150218566101476_nTouchdown! It wouldn’t be Southern without football fans!

11150277_331849547011371_8156958500515865456_nThe most beautiful hats were on display, and yes, we really do wear them from time to time around here. They are practical for keeping the sun off our delicate faces, or in my case, hiding frizzy-humidity hair!


11008079_331853147011011_3127395387251664854_nAn interesting auction added to the fun of the night with art, trips and other prizes up for grabs. You WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WON!!!! (My Mother is not happy with my prize at all). More to come on this later . . .


11110759_332054093657583_9027670278861752371_nSuch an adorable and fresh idea for a fundraiser, and a great boost to the local arts.

Y’all just would have loved it!


Thanks to ESAC for a few of these photos.


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  1. Leslie Anne…thank you for sharing the photos. I love those red boots of yours! The platter of sausage made me hungry…my mother was from Mississippi and every time she would go “home” she always brought back some of that famous sausage from the South!! Love that I have some southern roots…my father was from Arkansas. Even though I was raised in California I still feel like I could easily be a southerner! Not too many people out here know what Divinity (candy) is…My Granny used to make it for me when she visited us. I remember her beating it by hand!

    1. Oh yes! Next year we need a table full of Divinity! And you are right. If you were raised by a Southern Mama, it doesn’t matter where you were raised, because you were raised right!

  2. Y’all are just having too much fun. Love that crazy moire-looking fabric! And of course you and The Mister with Elvis 🙂

    1. I learned that seersucker doesn’t photograph well, so maybe that’s what you saw. The big group photo had enough seersucker to cover your Aunt Annie’s fanny!

  3. The lovely lady in the GWTW costume and the other costumed supporters were part of the talented team from Theatre 98. Actors supporting the arts in Fairhope.

    We need to have you come visit us!

    1. I love Theatre 98 and I do need to visit! You were sold out of the last show I tried to see! I know Tod and Joyce who were at the party and they did a fabulous job.

  4. What fun – and for such a good cause!! I love that everyone got dressed up in their own way to celebrate the event! Well, with the one exception of the ‘Bama fans. As an ND fan, I’m still recovering from the thrashing we received in the championship game a few years ago…too soon….

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