My first office party

February 8, 2016



Kress Building Mobile Alabama, Leslie Anne TarabellaI submitted my first story to the Press Register on Friday. Talk about stress! They have a computer system which at first seemed so intimidating, I was afraid I’d click the wrong thing and accidentally delete their entire newspaper! I must have done an okay job, because later, they sent an email from the Birmingham office and invited me to a Mardi Gras party that night at the Mobile office! The decorated balcony above is the “Hub” for Alabama Media Group and where we got to watch a parade!


Leslie Anne Tarabella, Press Register office party.“What? A party just for me? Why, what a lovely way to welcome me!”


Crew of Columbus Mardi Gras Parade, Mobile AL - Leslie Anne TarabellaThe Crew of Columbus parade was amazing, especially since I’m accustomed to Fairhope’s somewhat smaller parades. And look who was there . . .


Budweiser Clydesdales - Mobile Alabama Mardi Gras Parade - Leslie Anne TarabellaThe Budweiser Clydesdales! Love those giant horses! office, First Amendment, Mobile, ALEveryone at the Press Register was exceedingly nice. They invited me to come work in the office anytime. Even though my stories aren’t terribly political or edgy (unless you count the one where I scolded people for stealing Mardi Gras beads from children), when I stood in front of the first amendment, it made chills run down my spine. I mean, this is what America has that other countries crave. Freedom of speech!


Crew of Columbus Parade, Mobile Alabama Mardi Gras - photo by Robert TarabellaAll the employees use shared spaces, so I can just show up and plug my computer in and work in a real office, with real adults whenever I want. No laundry buzzing, dinner to cook, dogs to let in – out, in – out. It’s a real grown up feeling.


Crew of Columbus Mardi Gras Parade, Mobile, AL. photo: Robert Tarabella

It was a cold night, but the Mobile crowd was huge and in a mood to celebrate! We marveled at how quickly the traffic flowed in and out of the downtown area. When you have as many parades as Mobile, I guess you get the hang of it after a while.


Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL. Crew of Columbus Parade 2016The balcony view was totally cool.


Crew of Columbus Mardi Gras Parade, Mobile, AL
The floats were gorgeous and there were tons of marching bands and Dixieland Jazz bands. If they throw a parade for my first story, what do I get for the second?


Leslie Anne Tarabella

And here I am at the front door of the office. “He-he, take my picture, take my picture! I feel like Mary Tyler Moore!”


“Don’t throw your hat. You’ll get it dirty” said the husband.


Hey . . . come to think of it, someone was going into the building when we arrived, so we walked in with them, but no one gave me the code to get back in by myself. I don’t think I can get in there again! “Come by anytime” – yeah, right. New-girl initiation gag.


Maybe if I’m really good . . . someday they’ll let me back inside.


Dang it.


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    1. Teaching Kindergarten, I sat on the floor and colored, then as a mom, I did the same thing. I’ve worked in my husband’s office before, but in addition to my regular duties I also cleaned toilets and emptied garbage cans, just like a mom. To have a real office is magical, even if I never use it!

  1. I am so excited for you! I have been with American Airlines for 24 years now! Wow, how did that happen?? Never have they thrown a party with a parade for me!

  2. I think you are loving your new gig, looks like a way to do what you love. Nice balcony to watch the parade too!
    I can’t wait to see what they do when you write your next story 🙂

  3. Looks like you started off on the right foot. I was waiting to see if you tossed the hat, but I think the husband was probably right! This party is going to be a tough act to follow if they did this for your first story. Are we going to continue to see your columns on the blog, or do I need to start looking them at

    1. I’ll post the link here on the blog. The first one just went live today, so I’ll put it up here soon.
      Thanks Ellen.

  4. What terrific photos, and by golly, you DO look like Mary Tyler Moore! Congratulations on the new gig. That’s so fantastic. You’re really going places! Woo!

  5. I got a little tear in my eye seeing the First Amendment on the wall because I’m a nerdy dork who gets choked up over things like the Constitution – and the Star Spangled Banner. What an exciting adventure for you! Im pretty sure that you will charm your way into the office and into the hearts of your co-workers right quick.

    1. You and me both Mo! If they had asked me to lead the pledge of allegiance, I would have done it there on the spot.

  6. Codes and passwords get me every time! I long for the days of secret hand shakes with a wink and a nod that grant access to underworlds and gorgeous wardrobes. Sounds like an equally magical night! So happy for you!

  7. Please tell your dear readers how to wear a hat like that and not have crazy hair…or do you keep it on indoors? Too cute! And…that’s a spectacular new office!

    1. I didn’t put it on until it got cold and we were out on the balcony, but funny you should mention it because a few weeks ago, I wanted to pull it down and flip the end up like I’ve always done, but my teenager told me that was out of style and showed me how to pull it up so I would be “hip.” Underneath? Static, messy hair.

  8. What a welcome! And do we know how to throw a party in the South, or what!

    Enjoy it all, Leslie Anne, and then write about it in your own fun and charming way!

  9. “You can turn the world on with your smile” so I would say you are of to a great start. I have never attended a Mardi Gras parade. Great photos and here’s to wonderful experiences ahead.

    1. If you listen to the news over the next few days, they usually name a few places that would love them. I know Krispy Kreme in Mobile usually collects them and will give you a dozen doughnuts when you bring in a certain amount.

      Glad you had a good time!

  10. Sorry I missed seeing you at the big party they threw for you, Leslie. I leaned in too close to the balcony and somebody threw me over the side – I was traded for a handful of beads and dirty stuffed pig. Nice to have you on the team.

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