Politics-Free Zone

November 8, 2016


Get out and vote! But then, take a few minutes to destress and read these funny things which have absolutely nothing to do with politics whatsoever!


So true . . .










ceb5be5a008ba70e161f8ef00a8c8b08Oh yes. I ended up getting my boys their “own” tree after a few years!




fb33cfe2a5fd37d4d6ab6543102cf821-2I’ll never be able to sit through another funeral again without thinking of this. So naughty.




Okay, just a smidgen of politics.



And one more for the literary crowd, with a nod to Queen . . .


Happy voting!


    • Leslie Anne says:

      Great. Sitting up watching the late night results now, and yes, my hearts beating a bit faster, but I think that’s everyone in America right now! Thanks Ron!

  • I guess I am picky. I will only eat PB&Js that I make my own self.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Yep. That’s pretty picky, but maybe you have a special recipe!

      • Nah, I just slap a blob of each on a slice and mix them up. Course I use crunchy and not smooth PB.

        • Leslie Anne says:

          I’m definitely on team crunchy too!

  • Thanks for the chuckles! I guess we all need a few today.

    Hope you are feelng your old self again.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Better than my old self! Thanks.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      There you go being all political on me! Hahaha! Enjoy the day!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Happy voting to you!

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